TAP – Celebrating 20 Years with a whole new look, vision and attitude.

Little River, SC, Feb. 13, 2009 :  In 2009, TAP celebrates its 20th year in business.  An all new marketing effort is underway.  From new promotional items to networking with industry publications,  TAP as a whole is undergoing a review and update of all processes.  

TAP as all companies has experienced ups and downs, highs and lows, learning and growing pains in the last 20 years, but has evolved into an explosion of opportunity for licensees , players and host locations alike.

Pool Net,  TAP's database system, was released to licensees in 2007, by founder and owner, Loyd Schonter.  Several upgrades and enhancements have been made to it to help the licensee run their business, since that release.  Providing licensees with control of score sheet entry, administrative corrections, and reports and billing.  
2009 will bring more to the player through accessibility to data and statistics.  Constant updating and monitoring will be done, ensuring the best systems available in league play.

Territory sales have increased.  New licensees with their own new marketing concepts bring fresh new ideas to the table. Adding to the new attitude that TAP may not be the biggest, but we are the best., fastest growing league in North America.

Players excel in the TAP leagues.  They are the focus.  TAP licensees learn early on what makes their league successful, their players.  Licensees start by giving the player a fair starting handicap, and as they play scorekeeping is completed based upon their individual performance.  Once score sheets are turned in, the licensees can provide stats immediately upon entering a score sheet.  The system updates their performance for that week.  Licensees and operators do not have the ability to change handicaps.  Ensuring all players nationally are handicapped fairly and equally.  

National tournaments such as Rally in the Valley Dream Team event in March in conjunction with the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo in Valley Forge, PA and  the TAP National Team event held in November, now have their scores entered into the system as well.  Helping to ensure players handicaps include all level of play and competition.

Titleholders held throughout TAP are hosted by licensees and operators, some inviting other TAP operators and their teams, so three times a year players can win cash prizes locally.  

TAP also added in July 2008,  the TAP's Duel in the Desert.  This 3 person team event is held in Las Vegas, NV annually.

National qualifiers are held for the team and single events, so players can win trips to what TAP refers to as the “traveling” Nationals.  Players get the opportunity to win a trip, play for more cash and see different parts of the US, they may not have otherwise been able to visit.  They can bring their family and can enjoy the discounts worked out for them at each venue.

Starting in March 2009, the TAP membership department will be taking advantage of the new technology, developing and providing prepaid cards and packages. Licensees will have the ability to give the player their membership package immediately, upon signing up to become a TAP Player.

By participating in TAP, licensees and players can enjoy all of these updates and enhancements with no additional cost to them.  As always, providing the best product, at the best prices, in league play today.