TAP Concludes 2011 Nationals in Las Vegas

TAP, LLC returns from another roll of the dice, in Las Vegas NV !

Little River, SC. Nov. 23rd, 2011 -  The TAP Players came from all over the USA and Canada. The best of the best from each TAP territory won their trips to the TAP Nationals event held in Las Vegas, NV  November 9th through the 14th.

Bally's once again played host to this exciting event. The TAP Players look forward to this event each and every year. This time they were placing their bets to see which would be the TAP National Champions for 2011.  

The kickoff party started off the event on Wednesday evening with fabulous food and beverages provided by Tap corporate. Upon registering, each player received a gift bag also provided by the TAP corporate offices. So they were winners when they arrived.

The Predator Group once again provided their support to the event. Other vendors at the event were D & D Cue Repair, Speed Break, Pool A Holic Apparel, Hustlin, SharkNU Apparel, and Joe Salazar from Connoisseur Cues.
During the event, in observance of Veterans Day, all play was stopped for a moment of silence. A few words were delivered by head referee Adrian Trochta followed by a huge and touching ovation. At this time all the veterans were asked to come forward for a picture. The picture will be available on the TAP facebook as well as the corporate website.

BCA Hall of Fame Inductees and World Champions Robin Dodson and Allen Hopkins both attended TAP's National event this year.  Robin provided instruction on jumping and Allen held exhibitions throughout the entire event.  Players and Licensees alike enjoyed the opportunity to interact with them both and vice versa.  

This year a lot was at stake.  Championships for the TAP 8 Ball National Team Event and 9 Ball National Team Event were held in conjunction to the  popular Rally Dream Team Event, slated as Rally at Bally's for the second year. The Singles Championships were conducted each evening as well producing  eight additional  National Champions.

So, who were the Winners?

8 Ball National Team Champions – A Town Express
Runner Up – Bounty Hunters

9 Ball National Team Champions – TAP Dat Again
Runner Up – Here Comes The Pain

Rally at Bally's Team Champions – A Town
Runner Up – Anytime Billiards

2/3 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion – Matt Wheeler
4 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion -  Jesse Hornbeck
5 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion – Cecil Edwards
6 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion – Eric Smartnick
7 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National ChampionKevin Clark

2/3 Handicap 9 Ball Singles National Champion – Eddie Rivera
4/5 Handicap 9 Ball Singles National Champion – Dan Lewis
6/7 Handicap 9 Ball Singles National ChampionTommy Najar

We at TAP congratulate all the these Champions for their outstanding accomplishment.

TAP, LLC Pools Amateur Tour Facebook page has posted several pictures and videos of this event posted on our wall. If you have any you would like to add let us know.

What else was new at the event.
TAP's phone application was released for review at the event.  This new TAP feature product will be available soon for use by some selected areas. The new application will be going out to all TAP Players and Territories in 2012.  The phone application will allow players to keep score on their smart phones and submit via their phones, but that's only the beginning.  In 2012 TAP will be introducing it into the TAP National  Events.  

TheTAP Nationals will be going to Charleston,SC in 2012 and in 2013 to Pheasant Run, near the windy city of Chicago, Illinois.  TAP's traveling Nationals has been quite successful. These events are a chance to bring  TAP and its players to locations they may  never had been.

The next TAP Event, TAP's “Rally in the Valley”, held in conjunction with the Allen Hopkin's Super Billiards Expo, is expected to be our largest event to date. This years event will be held in its new  home, the Philadelphia Expo Center at the Oaks, in PA.  This new location will give the event a great opportunity to grow and to add new events as well. Don't miss the excitement of TAP and it's new releases of upcoming events and formats.

Don't have TAP where you are?  Interested in starting your own league?  Call 1-800-984-7665 Ext. 2 to reach Sam Rullo, TAP's Sales Director and he will be more than happy to help you.  

Want more information about TAP?  Check out our website, www.tapleague.com; Facebook Page  - TAP, LLC Pools Amateur Tour and / or contact us, through our corporate office, at the Live Help desk, via email or IM.  Join the countless others that have been checking us out.

We look forward to hearing from you !   TAP ON !