TAP-Pool Net Empowering the Player

TAP, LLC Releases Another Upgrade thru Pool Net for Enhanced Player and Operator Functions !

Little River, SC, June 17th, 2011 -  TAP Founder/CEO Loyd Schonter has done it again!  Pool Net, a subsidiary of TAP LLC,  just got some enhancements for the TAP Players and TAP Operators.  Once again, free of charge, just as an extra bonus for being a member and part of the TAP family.


Players can view stats and handicaps by going into their league/organization and division, standings can come up on not only desktops and laptops, but via smart phones, pads and tablets. Players can click on Games Won and sort the division by top to bottom or vice versa.  Also, they can click on their team name and sort the team players by matches won.


League Operators were given new communication tools to the players by division and / or to their entire league.  Host Locations of TAP were not left out.  Host locations can sponsor their team and can provide their logo and or team picture.  Host locations can call their local operator or ask the captain to, to obtain more information.  Providing Players, Operators and Host Locations more accessibility, marketing and communication tools thru Pool Net.  Even better, these features are available through the Tournament Module that  TAP introduced last year to all of it operators.

TAP is continuing to grow, with almost 40 new licensees / organizations in the last
year and a half;   3 new formats (10 Ball Team, Scotch Double and Singles) about to be released in September; and a management team that has grown to support it.

TAP's also developing the S.W.A.T.   This new 8-ball and 9-ball singles tour

 will be launched September 2011, available to TAP members only. This

 self service tour will be tracked conveniently through the World Wide

 Web for the tour player. So challenge any S.W.A.T. Tour player in your

state choose a location that works, send in your scores and accumulate

 your points to view on the S.W.A.T. Tour ranking page. Your TAP

 membership automatically covers the S.W.A.T. enrollment.

Keep both eyes on this one as details are coming in on what's in it for

 you, the S.W.A.T. Tour State Champion.


TAP Operations Director, Kelly Senior has stated, “These enhancements are only the beginning.  If you think this is great, wait till you see what is coming next.  We are urging all TAP players to get their logins and passwords to Pool Net, so they will be really happy they are a member of TAP with the new features and enhancements we are preparing to deliver. Loyd and the programming team have been working hard to come out with even more and it's some innovative and ground breaking industry advancements.”


Pool Net, will continue to empower the TAP Player.  TAP Players are urged to obtain their login's from their local operator and / or TAP Corporate office.  The present player module, which was also released last year has a multitude of statistical information that players have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Don't have TAP where you are?  Interested in starting your own league?  Call 1-800-984-7665 Ext. 2 to reach Sam Rullo TAP's Sales Director and he will be more than happy to help you. 

Want more information about TAP?  Check out our website, http://www.tapleague.com; Facebook Page  - TAP, LLC Pools Amateur Tour and / or contact us, through our corporate office, at the Live Help desk, via email or IM.  Join the countless others that have been checking us out.


We look forward to hearing from you !   TAP ON !