TAR to cover CSI U.S. Open One Pocket and 10 Ball Events in May

The Action Report is excited to announce our coverage of the 2011 CueSports International U.S. Open One Pocket and U.S. Open 10 Ball events taking place at the BCAPL Nationals in Las Vegas. The Action Report will be providing live streaming Pay Per View coverage of both events.

The action kicks off May 12 with the comeback of a fan favorite, the U.S. Open One Pocket Championship. This event features a 64 player field with such stars as Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante, Scott Frost, Earl Strickland, Allen Hopkins, Gabe Owen and John Schmidt among many other great players fighting for the chance to be crowned 2011 U.S. Open One Pocket Champion. The Action Report will be streaming four matches a day beginning at 1 PM Pacific time May 12th and running until the finals is played May 15. Many fans are excited to see one of the strongest one pocket fields in recent memory come to Las Vegas for the resurrection of a great annual event. You can watch it all live on The Action Report.

The day after the U.S. Open One Pocket concludes, on May 16, we will provide free coverage of the opening day of the 2011 CueSports International U.S. Open 10 Ball Championship. Pay Per View coverage is available for the remaining five days of the event. The U.S. Open Ten Ball will feature one of the strongest fields in the United States this year. All of the above mentioned stars will be there as well as Shane Van Boening, Alex Pagulayan, Darren Appleton, Johnny Archer, Mika Immonen, Ralf Souquet, Thorsten Hohmann, Corey Deuel, Stevie Moore and many other top players form all over the world.

The Action Report would like thank our coverage sponsors for helping to bring this show together. Kurzweil Country Meats is our newest sponsor. They provide everything from hams, pork chops and a wide variety of flavored brats to whole turkeys and smoked meats all available delivered to your door via their website at kurzweilcountrymeats.com . Kamui Tips is also sponsoring our coverage of both events. We are proud to have an ongoing relationship with another one of the names in pool that are synonymous with excellence and quality. kamuitips.com has all the information on this great company and their products. We also are excited to be working with long time partners Diamond Billiard Products, Bad Boys Billiard Productions, Spot Clothing and of course CueSports International. Together all of our sponsors and coverage partners are excited to make the 2011 U.S. Opens the best live stream TAR has ever produced. The Action Report has just upgraded to pro grade Panasonic HD cameras and will feature three camera coverage with live camera operators and quality lighting to bring you the best stream possible.

Pricing information for the Pay Per View coverage is $10 per day with the following multi day packages available:  U.S. Open One Pocket complete four day package is $30. U.S. Open 10 Ball complete five day package is $40. For more information and updates please visit theactionreport.com . We hope you will join us in May for some outstanding pool in two great disciplines.