TAR To Stream NCS Qualifier At Pool Sharks in Las Vegas

CueSports International is excited to announce the The Action Report (TAR) will be streaming live from Pool Sharks in Las Vegas, Nevada the NCS 8-ball qualifier January 10-11.

The top two players from The $1000 added qualifier will go to the NCS 8-Ball Championship at the stunning Golden Nugget in Las Vegas in February. TAR will also be streaming the action from the Golden Nugget to the poolplaying community.

TAR is well known to the pool world for streaming such match ups as the OB Cues Action Challenge between Shane Van Boening and Alex "The Lion" Pagulayan and the recently released  "The First Women's Action All Around" between Monica Webb and Sarah Rousey.

"We are deeply appreciative and excited to have two well respected pool video teams, first Accu-Stats streaming the NCS qualifier January 3-4 at Comet Billiards in Parsippany, New Jersey in the east and now TAR at Pool Sharks in the west." said NCS Manager Holly Ryan.

For more information about The National Championship Series (NCS) and the full list of qualifiers around the U.S visit their website at www.playcsipool.com or email holly@playcsipool.com.