Tara! Tara! Tara! – McCracken Wins on the Fast Eddie’s Olhausen 9 Ball Tour Sponsored by Schuler Legacy Cues

Tara McCracken and Kyu Yi

September 20th saw 22 ladies at Fast Eddie's 9 Ball Tour sponsored by Schuler Legacy Cues in Waco, TX. They came to play hard and to have fun.

Top picks for this event were Amanda Lampert, Kyu Yi, Tara McCracken, Heather Lloyd, and Jennifer Kraber.

Finishing in the 5-6th slots and collecting $65 were Michelle Yim and Audra Carter. They played well and had fun.

The 4th place was claimed by Heather Lloyd of the Austin area. Heather is always a crowd favorite and took home $145 for her fine effort.

Finishing in a fine 3rd place spot was the very competitive Michelle Cortez, also of the Austin area. She grabbed $250 for her efforts.

Tara McCracken was on fire and this day was no different as she grabbed the hot seat in a quest to continue her streak. She defeated the ever present Kyu Yi to do so and, then, they met again in the finals.

Kyu jumped out to a 5-2 lead in the race to 7, but was just unable to hang on. Tara came from behind impressively and claimed fist place by a score of 7-5. She is on a roll and playing very well.

For her efforts and nice 2nd place finish, Kyu took home $410 while Tara took home $625.

Thanks to all the ladies for their support and enthusiasm. It was fun.

A big thanks to the General Manager-Fast Eddies, Ray Gonzalez, and his staff
for hosting us and doing such a fine job.

Another big thanks as well to Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues, Robbie Timms of “Behind the 8 Ball Cue Sales & Repair” and to Paul Summerall of S&S Cues of Lubbock. No event would seem right without you guys.

What more can we say about Olhausen Billiards and Schuler Legacy Cues? Their support and generosity is beyond belief. Thank you so very much.

Lastly, but hardly least, a very special thanks to Fast Eddie's ownership. You have changed pool in Texas.

We approach the end of the year and the Season Finale, but not before our November event in Houston at Fast Eddie's at the South Gulf Freeway location at the Fuqua exit November 10-11. Make plans to attend now.

The year's Season Finale will be held December 1-2 at the N. W. Military location in San Antonio. See y'all there and until then, keep knockin' the backs out of those pockets! Hope to see you all you ladies in Houston on November 11.