Team Believe Promotions And Insomnia Creations To Film At The Windy City Open For The Upcoming “Pool Poker And Pain” Reality Show

Blair Thein

New York, NY – December, 22, 06 – Team Believe Promotions, a firm that is slated to break new ground in the world of sports and entertainment, today announced that it has teamed up with Insomnia Creations a cutting edge production and design firm to film for the upcoming Pool, Poker & Pain reality show. Insomnia creations is comprised of a team of bleeding edge creative's from different disciplines that fit into the vision of helping Team Believe Promotions create the first true reality show with a solid foundation of the sport of pool.

Blair Thein, President of Team Believe Promotions is working with NYC Grind Sports Marketing, LLC, to market and brand the upcoming reality show. With the new addition of Insomnia Creations; Blair is poised to shock the sporting world and bring new eyes to the world of pool. Insomnia Creations role will be to handle all aspects of filming, design, production and editing along with photography and other creative details.

“We are thrilled to have attracted such a strong creative firm in Insomnia Creations, which is most recently known for being recognized in the New York Independent Film Festival for their short “The Masterpiece” which is critically acclaimed. The community of pool players is unlike any other community… it is truly as if we are a family and need to work together to break new ground, and bring new eyes to the sport, says Jerry Tarantola, President of NYC Grind Sports Marketing. This collaboration is part of Team Believe Promotions strategy to create a reality show that will touch the hearts and minds of pool, poker and extreme fighting fans everywhere.

The upcoming reality show will truly be an all star cast including Blair “The Fighting Pool Player” Thein and Dennis “The Hatchet Man” Hatch who are slated to be the main event, as well as pro pool players Richey “The Alaskan Assasin” Orem who recently won the Reno Open, as well as Tony “The Sniper” Crosby who has an international following. Tony “The Silent Assasin” Robles who will play a key role in the upcoming movie about pool and poker “Turn the River” will be one of our coaches along with Rodney “The Rocket” Morris who are both world class pro pool players and known world wide as advocates and ambassadors of the sport of pool.

For further information on the upcoming reality show or if you are interested in being a participant for season II please visit the Pool, Poker & Pain booth at the Pheasant Run or check in shortly (under construction) at for more information.