Team CSI Heading for the Northwest With Strickland and Schmidt

Mark Cantrill of Team CSI (CueSports International) today announced that they will be heading back out on the road with Earl (The Pearl) Strickland and (Mr 400) John Schmidt. Team CSI will be performing fun and exciting exhibitions and also holding Pool Clinics at each location. "We have made a group decision to help make our pool clinics more affordable to the average pool and and billiards enthusiast. Although we fill our clinics 90% of the time at the usual $200.00 fee, we are sensitive to the current economy and so we have decided to lower the The Pool Clinic fee to only $100.00 per person. We hope this will make it easier for all to attend." Said Cantrill.
The Team CSI Exhibitions will be the usual format of fun, Earl will perform Trick Shots and stroke shots while telling his stories of life on the road as a player. Mr 400 will run a rack or two of 9-ball while talking through the strategy as he goes, John will also play a mini challenge match against a local hot shot or champion. We then draw names for the chance to play on either team Strickland or Team Schmidt in a rack of scotch doubles, we do multiple drawings for this so and many people as possible get a chance to play. This is usually alot of fun. Then of course Team CSI will be on hand for Pictures, autographs etc. All in all a great night.
"I'm really looking forward to this trip, T-Wheels (Cantrill) usually has us go to places at the coldest or hottest time of the year. This time it looks like we are going to be in a beautiful area at the best time of year, I can't wait" Schmidt commented.
Below is the schedule for the Team CSI exhibition and pool clinic tour.
Mon Aug 16th = Tacoma, WA - Pool Clinic at Full Splice Billiards - 11am-2pm
Mon August 16th  = Tacoma, WA - Pool Clinic at Malarkey's - 4pm - 7pm
Tues August 17th = Spokane, WA - Exhibition at Black Diamond Billiards 7.30pm
Wed August 18th = Spokane, WA - Pool Clinic at Black Diamond Billiards 11am-3pm
Thurs August 19th = Vaughn, MT - Pool Clinic at Silver Spur Saloon 11am-3pm
Thurs August 19th = Vaughn, MT - Exhibition at Silver Spur Saloon 7.30pm
Sat August 21st = Denver, CO - Pool Clinic at Billiards Ink (Table Steaks) 11am-3pm
Sat August 21st = Denver, CO - Exhibition at Billiards Ink (Table Steaks) 7.30pm
Mon August 23rd = Albuquerque, NM - Pool Clinic at Doc & Eddy's 11am-3pm
Mon August 23rd = Albuquerque, NM - Exhibition at Doc & Eddy's 7.30pm
Tues August 24th = Las Cruces, NM - Exhibition at Q-Time 7.30pm
Wed August 25th = Las Cruces, NM - Pool Clinic at Q-Time 11am-3pm
For more information or to register for one of the Team CSI Pool Clinics contact Mark Cantrill at 480-612-7732 or email to