Team Europe Draws First Blood

Mika Immonen

Team EUROPE has drawn first blood at the 2013 Mosconi Cup. The first event of the day was five on five teams and Team Europe scored a dominating 6-3 win over Team USA.


Things started out well for Team USA Dennis Hatch won rack two and Earl Strickland won rack three for a 2-1 lead. After that, it was all Team Europe with Mika Immonen, Karl Boyes, Ralf Souquet and Darren Appleton won their matches to put Team Europe on the hill at 5-2. 


Strickland stopped the bleeding with a win over Niels Feijen, but Immonen took advantage of a missed combo by Shane Van Boening to score the final point and put Team Europe ahead 1-0. 


Next up is Rodney Morris & Earl Strickland vs Darren Appleton & Karl Boyes.