Team Korea Going for the Title Defense

Charlie Williams

The best Korean players will be taking on Japan's best in this years 2nd Annual Korea vs Japan Ultimate Challenge sponsored by Brunswick Billiards. The event takes place at the Paradise Hotel & Casino in Incheon,Korea. Each team is comprised of 4 players with 3 men and 1 woman per team.

Team Korea will be Captain Shin Young Park, KPT #2 Woong Dae Kim, KPT Womens #2 Yun Mi Lim, and KPT International Ranking #2 Charlie Williams. Team Japan will be Japan #1 Ranked Captain Hiroshi Takenaka, #2 Ranked Go Takami, #3 Ranked Shuji Nagata, and 2004 Korea International Champion Miyuki Sakai.

"Last year was an embarrassment for Japan pool when the Koreans beat us. This year we are not coming to Korea to lose." says JBC Founder & #3 ranked Shuji Nagata.

Last years Korea vs Japan TV ratings shattered all previous pool show ratings in Korean TV history as Captain Park led Korea to a 9-5 blowout victory over Japan. This year Japan is expected to fare better with a more internationally experienced team.

That is why Korea has called upon their secret weapon, Heoun Ho Kim a.k.a. Charlie "The Korean Dragon" Williams. Williams Korean name given at birth is Heoun Ho Kim and he was born in Seoul. Williams has become the most successful Asian American male player in history and of course the most successful Korean male player as well. MBC ESPN, the #1 network in Korea who is producing the event, is excited of Williams' inclusion on the team as a well known Korean native who has fared well in the West. His teammates as well are happy as he will be a welcomed edition against this years very strong Japan Team.

"I'm excited about the opportunity to represent Korea for the first time in my life. I'm a US citzen of course and the USA is my home, but I also have a Korean heritage I'm proud of. It's going to be cool to have that Korean flag on my shirt!" says Williams.

Korea vs Japan Ultimate Pool Challenge will air on MBC ESPN for 8 weeks on its weekly Monday night time slot. The event is part of the Brunswick Korea Pro Pool Tour. For more information goto