Team Olympic-Online players win the Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League II

The host for the second stage of the Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League 2012 was Entry Poolclub in Kaunas, Lithuania and the game was 10-ball. Both men and women division were won by Team Olympic-Online players Denis Grabe (Estonia) and Marika Poikkijoki (Finland).

Grabe remains unbeaten

Mens division started on Saturday morning with 60 participants. Semi finals were played on Sunday and it was all about two Estonian and two Lithuanian athletes. In the upper side of the chart Grabe did not leave any chances for the current Lithuanian number one Mariuś Śiaudkulis when he cruised to a comfortable 8:0 win. The lower side of the chart featured only twelve years old wonderboy Mark Mägi from Estonia and last stage finalist Henrikas Strolis from Lithuania. The extremely interesting semi final ended with a shock result when Mägi won 8:7 and progressed to the final. Although his game was solid throughout the whole event Mägi was unable to produce another shock as he had to acknowledge the supremacy of Grabe. In the final Grabe did not leave any chances for his young countryman and clinched yet another title with a score of 8:2. „The tournament turned out to be easier than I initially thought. I managed to produce solid game and overcome my opponents quite firmly. I would like to thank the organisers, sponsors and all other related personnel for another great event. Now I must prepare for the WC and after that a well deserved summer holidays,“ commented the happy winner after the final.
As on all the previous stages Grabe won all his matches on this event, so he has been unbeaten an unbelievable five stages in a row!

The flying Finns successful debut

The raining european champion Marika Poikkijoki (Team Olympic-Online) made her debut of Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League. Although she was hot favourite for women division it was not that easy after all. Last stage winner Agne Jaruśauskaite from Lithuania came close to overcome Poikkijoki twice. In the preliminary rounds Poikkijoki managed to win Jaruśauskaite by a score of 5:4 and in the nervecracking final she won 6:5 although Jaruśauskaite managed to claim a lead 3:0. The losing semi finalists and therefore bronze medalists were Simona Miliśauskaite (LIT) against Poikkijoki 6:1 and Anna Grintśuk (EST) against Jaruśauskaite 6:2.
After another great event the organisers were very content with the outcome. „I am very happy to see that so many players are attending our events. It is a great reckognition for our work and motivates us to work even harder. This event was great, especially the rise of Estonian young gun Mark Mägi. To reach the final of the most prestigious and challenging event in the Baltics is really tremendous achievement for a twelve years old boy. I would like to thank all the players, owners of the Entry, sponsors and especially Tomas Brikmanis for their tremendous input for this event. Now we have a summer break and continue with the next stage in Riga, Latvia, 8th of September. It will be interesting to see whether someone is finally able to challenge Grabe,“ commented organiser Juri Talu.
"Again I am very happy to see so many top level players participating in OOBPL event. Six countries is something new for us as well. I am certain we are going in right direction and that baltic pool league is exactly what we need now to develop pool in Baltic region. Special thanks for Marika Poikkijoki. Because of her presents we finaly got some attention from media. I am certain baltic girls will learn a lot from her. For sure I'm missing resistance from other players to unstopable Dennis Grabe, but it only prooves that he is true leader. Maybe Mark Mägi who is still so young can create some competition for Denis. Looking forward to see everybody in September in wonderful city of Riga," said Tomas Brikmanis.
In total 72 athletes from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway and Poland participated on the second stage. The event was held thanks to great sponsors Olympic-Online, Entry Poolclub, Mezz Cues, Kamui Tips, Strachan Super Pro, Ultimate Breakmaster, Baribal Poolclub, Biljardai, Tieto, Aveiras Reklamos Agentura, Best Western Hotel Santaka, Renault.
Please find the videos and results of the matches here:
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