Team USA Announced for the 2009 Can-Am Snooker Challenge in Las Vegas

The United States Snooker Association (USSA), established in 1991 in Chicago, Illinois, is the non-profit governing body for the sport of snooker in the USA as recognized by the world snooker governing body, the International Billiard & Snooker Federation (IBSF).  Now headquartered in California, the USSA is pleased to announce the Team USA to face off against Team Canada in the 4th Annual Can-Am Snooker Challenge to be conducted June 1-3 at the ACS Nationals at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.   The team was selected from their placement in the 2008 USSA National Championships, and is comprised of many veterans of the USSA National Championships and the IBSF World Championships:

Tom Kollins (Illinois)
Ajeya Prabhakar (California)
Cheang Ciing Yoo (Washington)
Jeff Szafransky (California)

Canada is the current holder of the traveling Can-Am Challenge trophy after winning the 2008 event.  With Team Canada also winning the inaugural 2006 event in a playoff frame and Team USA claiming the 2007 title, Team USA will be looking to bring the trophy back to U.S. possession at the 2009 Challenge!  The Challenge – hosted by the American CueSports Alliance - will feature two professionally installed 6 x 12 snooker tables and produced by Pacific Billiard Sports.

The ACS Nationals also hosts one of the largest amateur pool events in the country (May 31 – June 6), along with the UPA-sanctioned World Summit of Pool Pro 9-Ball Championships (June 3-6), the NWPA-sanctioned Las Vegas 9-Ball Open wheelchair event, the ACS national junior championships and certification classes in both pool and snooker!