Ten New Members added to One Pocket Hall of Fame

Freddy 'The Beard' Bentivegna

Tuesday play in the Derby City Classic One Pocket division was drawing to a close with 14 players already assured spots in the 8th round on Wednesday morning. Players who have already earned their spot in Wednesday play are Tony Chohan, Shannon Daulton, Corey Deuel, Mark Jarvis, Jeremy Jones, Amar Kang, Rodolfo Luat, Jason Miller, Mike Moran, Gabe Owen, Jonathan Pinegar, Efren Reyes, Earl Strickland and Louis Ulrich.

While the One pocket event is drawing to a close for the night, a 64 player 9-ball banks mini tournament was just getting started. There was a mini tournament on Satruday night with Troy Frank beating Dee Adkins in the finals and pocketing $1000 for the event.

In addition to the matches on Tuesday, the good folks at onepocket.org held their One Pocket Hall of Fame induction dinner where they welcomed Artie Bodendorfer, Marshall 'Squirrel' Carpenter, Steve Cook, Ed 'Champagne' Kelly, Freddy 'The Beard' Bentivegna, Truman Hogue, Leonard 'Bugs' Rucker, Billy 'Cornbread Red' Burge, Gary Spaeth and Eddie 'The Knoxville Bear' Taylor to their hall of fame. Look for pics from this dinner Wednesday morning.

Diana Hoppe is in Louisville and we have posted two photo galleries from her already.

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