Ten Reasons why Jose Parica must be inducted into the BCA Hall Of Fame

Jose Parica

1.     He is the leader of invasion - 1st of many to encourage other great Filipino players to come to the United States.
2.     He has been a top player for 3+ decades.
3.     He has given 58 years of dedication to the game that he loves.
4.     He has proven to be a true gentleman at all times.
5.     Paid his dues as much if not more than many other great players, in addition he has played in more tournaments on US soil than any other Filipino player.
6.     There is not one good reason for him not to be inducted. If so name them.  I am sure that you can not.
7.     Placed 2nd twice in the U.S. Open
8.     There are many other players inducted who also have not won the U.S. Open
9.     He travels and is an ambassador for pool all over the world.
10. Let's all give this man the justice that he rightfully deserves and  induct him into the Billiards Congress of America Hall of Fame.  It would be unconstitutional not to.  If not this year, before he reaches or turns 60 years of age.