Tenzin does it the hard way, to wins third, second straight on Rack ‘Em Up Tour

After receiving a bye in the opening round of the Rack 'Em Up Tour stop on Sunday, May 1st, Choneyi Tenzin defeated Ed Boyle, and then fell to Josh Gormly 4-2 (Tenzin needing to reach 5). He moved west to begin a seven-match march back to the finals, where he then double-dipped hot seat occupant, Roarke Dickson, to capture his second straight and third overall victory on the tour. The Open, A-C handicapped event drew 46 entrants to Bo's Billiard Club in Warwick, RI.

As Tenzin was working his way back, Dickson was at work getting into the hot seat. He defeated Ryan Parker 3-2 (Parker needing 4), from among the winners' side final four. Bill Roberge joined him in the battle for the hot seat, following a shut out victory over Stacie Bourbeau. Dickson gained the hot seat in a straight-up race to 4 against Roberge with a 4-1 victory.

On the one-loss side, Tenzin and Gormly were on a collision course toward the quarterfinals. Gormly had been sent over by Roberge from among the winners' side final eight, and after victories over Joe Matarazzo 5-2, and Ted Psarros 5-4, Gormly drew Parker. In her first match on the one-loss side, Bourbeau had the misfortune to draw Tenzin, who, with two victories behind him, had defeated David Christie 6-1 and shut out Eric Caron to reach her. Bourbeau put up a fight, though, that went to double hill before Tenzin prevailed. Gormly, in the meantime, shut out Parker.

The quarterfinal re-match was on, and Tenzin wasted little time. Gormly had to win one less game than Tenzin, but Tenzin only allowed him one rack overall, and moved into the finals against Dickson. In the double elimination final that followed, the two played back-to-back double hill matches (Tenzin needing to reach 6 games, Dickson, 4).  Tenzin won them both to capture his second straight Rack 'Em Up title.

The top three finishers in the event were the top three players in each of the tour's handicap divisions; Tenzin (A-), Dickson (B-) and Roberge (C+). There were two winners in the event's Break and Run contest; Clyde Matta ($42) and Derrick Morgado ($40).