Texas 9-Ball Open

Texas Tornado Vivian Villarreal causing a storm in Round Rock Texas holding down the hot seat. Meanwhile Kim Newsome is waiting on the winner of Michelle Cortez vs Gail Eaton. Hometown hero Kim Sanders placed 5/6th showing her extra time in practice is time well spent. 
The showdown between Warren Kiamco vs Charlie Bryant is about to kick off. Charlie Bryant is playing a little faster and calmer than previous years and it has paid off as he is still on the winners side. Warren Kiamco is playing dead lock safeties against his opponents with barely enough room to breathe and when he’s not doing that, he’s just running racks. 
On the one loss side, Coffman defeats Mathis 9-8 and was then sent to the one loss side by Warren Kiamco. Chip Compton had to face road partner Joey Grey. Even though they don’t want to face each other, the match is always a big crowd pleaser and heartfelt by everyone to see two close friends battle it out, but there has to be a winner and Chip was victorious 9-4.   Joey Grey and Shawn Putnam placed a respectable 7/8th. Chip Compton is currently waiting on the winner of Sylver Ochoa vs Daniel Coffman