Texas Open Winding Down

Joey Gray


It's getting intense at Skinny Bob's Billiards as we wind down to
the finals. Joey Grey and Manny Chau go to the hill with Joey Grey coming
out on top to face Chip Compton on the winners side for the hot seat. Chip
Compton and Rob Saez began tied at two but Chip found a hot streak for six
racks bringing the score to 8-2 before Rob came back to the table. Rob ran
bringing the score to 8-3 but hung the cue ball in the top corner on the
break, missed a difficult two ball and let Chip back in for the win sending
Rob to the one loss side. Jamie Baraks defeated Jeremy Jones 9-6 sending
Jeremy home with the 7/8th position. Sylva Ochoa sends Charlie Bryant home
with 7/8th place as well.
On the ladies side, Melissa Little defeats Kim Sanders sending her
home with 7/8th place. Elizabeth Lovely who had been playing exceptionally
well was forced to deal with Melissa Little on a hot streak who took the
match 7-2 sending Elizabeth home with the 5/6th position. On the ladies
winners side we are still waiting to see the Vivian Villareal v/s Kim Pierce
match up.

Upcoming matches: Winners side ladies, Vivian Villareal v/s Kim
Pierce (beginning now), on the one lose side: Melissa Little v/s Nicole
Keeney (in progress). On the men's one loss side: Jamie Baraks v/s Rob Saez,
and Manny Chau v/s Sylver Ochoa. Stay tuned for the winners of the Annual
Texas Open.