Texas Tornado Takes Number One Spot

Vivian Villareal
New York City-  One player wasn't worried about the DDD-Day. Vivian Villarreal lived up to her mantle of Texas Tornado on  Do-or Die- Day when she defeated her final opponents to keep a perfect 7-0 record with only dropping 10 games total at the Andy Cloth Women's International Pool Championship . China, Russia, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Sweden and USA took top seedings into the final round of the event where 32 players were eliminated in one day. The pro tournament is the longest women's billiard event of any kind with 6 days of heavy pool action with a round robin event that evolves into a final single elimination chart where players will start out races to 10 in 10-Ball and eventually rise to races to 11,13, and 17 in the finals.  All activities are taking place at Steinway Billiards Cafe and sponsored by Andy Cloth,  J.Pechauer Cues Viking Cues,  Steinway Billiards.  , Olhausen BallsPool & Billiard Magazine the NAPL & Focused Apparel . Patron sponsors include Dr. Greg Diehl, Tom Gleich, and Dr. Michael Frank.  Media partners include PKE Partners, IB Sports, NYC GrindGotham City TechnologiesNona Photography, and Charles Eames Photography.  7 days of live pool will be filmed and streamed by Inside Pool TV.   Pay per view on www.Dragonpromotions.com  for the live marquee matches Andy Cloth Women's International Pool Championship  taking place December 16th-21st at the same venue.
Vivian took the #1 seed away from Korea's Ga Young Kim who also went undefeated but had lost a toal of 12 games. Surprise darkhorse Naomi Williams of Canada also went undefeated and tied Ga Young with the exact number of match wins (7) , games won (42) and game slost (12) . So to determine the #2 and #3 seed a sudden death game was scheduled but Ga Young had left the event after her earlier match, so a official coin toss too place where Naomi called tails. The first time the coin went off table by director John Leyman. It landed tails. Next he re-flipped to keep it on the table and it landed heads again. The higher seed went to Ms.Kim. The result was Kim would play #31 seed Samantha Barrett while Naomi played #30 seed Belinda Calhoun. 
Villarreal continues her marvelous play in the final 32 with a 10-2 landslide over Guam's Shanelle Loraine, and a 10-3 thrashing of Florida's top lady Jeannie Seaver, who won a qualifier to get here. Ga Young won a speedy 10-1 over newbie Samantha Barrett while 6x Canadian National Champion Naomi dominated Belinda Calhoun 10-1. 
Villarreal now awaits in the quarter-finals while Kim plays Kitayama tonight on the TV table. Naomi plays Tara Williams for the quarter-finals spot.
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Action continues on Day 4 Single Elimination with this TV lineup that can be ordered on www.dragonpromotions.com  
The Finals is scheduled for Sunday December 21 at 1:00pm. 
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Day 4 Dec 18, 2014 TV Schedule

12:00pm Jeanette Lee (NY,USA) vs Julie Ha (NJ, USA) 
2:00pm Jennifer Chen (TAIWAN) vs Rebecca Wagner (NV, USA) 
6:00 pm Jeanette Lee (NY,USA) vs Jennifer Barretta (NY,USA)
8:00pm  Ga Young Kim (KOREA) / Samantha Barrett (USA) vs Akiko Kitayama (JAPAN) / Michelle West (USA) 
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