The Action Pool Tour (APT) Hits the Scene in VA, MD, and DC

There is a new regional pool tour on the scene in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. area - The Action Pool Tour (APT)!  APT founder, Ozzy Reynolds, created The Action Pool Tour because he believes there is an abundance of talent and interest in this particular region but a lack of opportunity for players.  The Action Pool Tour aims to fill this vacuum by holding weekend 9-ball and 10-ball events throughout the region.

The APT was created to provide an affordable venue for professional, semi-professional, advanced, and novice players to compete head-to-head on a recurring basis.  It is the tour's belief that professional players desire strong competition without the constant hassle and expense of long-distance travel while   lower-skilled players wish to elevate their game by competing against the more talented players at a reasonable cost.  To accommodate this, APT entry fees are staggered according to a player's skill level which allows the less skilled players to affordably compete against the very best in the region.  

The core principle of The Action Pool Tour is to provide an entire weekend of pool action.  There is nothing worse for a pool player than to travel several hours to an event just to be eliminated early.  At an APT event, being eliminated early from the main tournament does not mean that the player is done!  There is plenty of "action" to keep players engaged all weekend including:

    * Players Auction
    * Live Streaming of feature match-ups all weekend (
    * Progressive Break & Run Raffle (Saturday night)
    * A low entry fee 2nd Chance Tournament on Sunday (good for cash and APT points!)
    * Organized Ring Games (based on interest)
    * Onsite Professional Cue Repair/Maintenance

APT players will also earn points based on their finish in each event (including the 2nd Chance Tournament).  The top 10 points leaders at the end of the 12-month session will receive well-deserved recognition and awards at the season finale.  The overall points leader will be sponsored by The Action Pool Tour in the successive U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship, which is held in Chesapeake, VA each October.

Visit our website at for more details and don't forget to complete the contact form to join our mailing list.  No matter what your skill level, you do not want to miss these events!  Come out and get Action!