The 2015 Queens Cup II Announced

Manila, Philippines-  The greatest rivalry in women's billiards is about to re-ignite. On April 16-18th 2015 the second installment of the Queens Cup will feature champions vs champions as the best women from Asia will take on the best in the West! Last year, Team Asia had a dominating performance over Team West in a 10-4 final score over the 3 days of competition. This year the quad squad from USA & Europe will be looking to even the score. The Queens Cup will be hosted by the award winning Resorts World Manila Casino & Hotel and produced by Dragon Promotions.
The Queens Cup was broadcasted worldwide to very receptive audiences. This year predicts for an even bigger viewership for this highly entertaining and competitive event. Yahoo Sports writer Bob Guerrero described the event in his article "Queens Cup is a breath of fresh air for pool" . 
" is really thrilled at bringing the Queens Cup back to the Philippines. When we saw the event, we knew we had to be a part of it. It has a lot of potential for future growth and likes being a part of winning formulas. This is just the beginning of some great collaborations with Dragon Promotions", said Bridgette Cruz, AM8 representative.
Team Asia was captained by South Korea's Ga Young Kim with Philippines World Champion Rubilen Amit, Taiwan's Pei Chen Tsai, and China's Siming Chen all who had winning records. Team West was comprised of England's Kelly Fisher who captained her side which included Great Britain's Allison Fisher, Austria's Jasmin Ouschan, and USA's Vivian Villarreal. The big question will be who will be selected for the honor this year to represent both sides.
"There will be some mainstays but also some changes to the lineup. Obviously we have to keep a good pulse on the current top players and who's performing well on tour. But we can promise you there will be new faces this time and a more dynamic event" said Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions. The Queens Cup Executive Producer Charlie Williams added, "There's been good results by the ladies from recent events in Asia as well as America. The performances at our Women's International Pool Championship will be a factor as well. We are also keeping our eye on results in Europe. It's a lot to take in but we have a good idea of who should be in this time. It's going to be a competitive match-up."
 "The real key though is chemistry. That's something the Asians had last year and something the West will need to bring."
The Queens Cup brings a level of excitement and pressure never before seen in women's billiards. As these champions can attest:
"There's definitely a entirely different kind of pressure in the Queens Cup when you play for a team. You feel worse when you let your teammates down. I'm not happy with my performance at all. But I did enjoy the event", explained Ouschan.
"It definitely was better for me when I play singles. I really struggle with trying to learn my teammates styles", said Amit of the Philippines.
"I wasn't comfortable at all the first two days and definitely felt the pressure. But the third day I finally settled down and felt good. But it was too late at that point", said Allison. "It was a great trip and I really enjoyed the Queens Cup. Fun to play with my competitors on the same team."
"We want revenge!" exclaimed Villarreal.
"We are proud to be hosting this one of a kind event here at Resorts World Manila. May the best ladies win!"  Francis Bonnevie Director for Special Events and Promotions Resorts World Manila.