The Bright Prospects for China’s Billiard Development

With more than 500 hundred years of development, billiard sport has always been distinguished as one of four greatest gentleman sports. Billiards has a broad mass base and an huge increasing number of consumer group internationally and nationally. 
Although the global economy is in depression now, we can see from many aspects that billiard in China’s billiard market is less affected in this crisis. Because compared with those foreign countries with more than hundreds of years’ development history, billiard sports in China is still at the starting and developing phase. One with huge purchasing power, one has been placed great importance and being pushed forward by international federations, national government and mainstream news media, will absolutely have a very broad development prospect in China.   
The following aspects would be able to illustrate this point. 
1). The billiard sports itself has such advantages as low consumption, high entertaining and simple to learn. Thus making this sport universal is not difficult. There in China we still have a huge, stable and growing consumer group. 
2). Billiard is not a Olympic Sport, thus the doorsill for being a billiard player is very low. With wide individual development room, event a normal person can be a champion.  
3). Since 2006, the international billiards organizations attached importance of Chinese market and started increasing its input in it. We have so many international events staged in China ever since, such as World Snooker China Opens, World Snooker Shanghai Masters, World 9-Ball China Opens, etc. And we do believe that there will be more international matches held in China in the future. 
4). These years, both our government and those mainstream news media lay great stress on spreading billiard sport in China. These international billiard events were frequently lived or relayed through CCTV5 and some local governments hold all kinds of international billiard classic events are the best instances. 
Last but not least, the expanding and maturing billiard feast, China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition (GBE) witnesses the prosperity of the Chinese market. An increasing number of overseas billiards brands swarmed into China via this platform. Together, let us enjoy the brilliant of the billiard industry in GBE2014(March 1st- March 3rd). 
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