The Diamond A Tour – Inaugural event at Dakota’s

Grace Nakamura and Pod Shognosh


JACCS (Junior and Amateur Canadian Cue Sports) a new Canadian billiard organization. held the inaugural event for “The Diamond A Tour” on October 2, 2010, This NEW tour caters to juniors and amateur players ONLY and by amateur we mean the players who typically make up the majority of the field in other handicap events, but seldom share in any prizes or money. (Eligibility guidelines are on the website,  As an organization that concentrates on the future of our sport, we also created a tour where junior enthusiasts could participate and enjoy some exposure as well as tournament experience in advance of our Canadian national championships.

We are very excited to announce that in the women's division we welcomed 9 new players new to this challenge format. In total we had 12 women, 14 men and 3 juniors. The players were divided into 2 groups, women had their own event as they had more than 8 players and the juniors were included with the men. (Juniors will have their own event if 8 or more players participate) The format was a Round Robin with a twist. Each round was re drawn so that no one new who else was in their group, and a guarantee that they would not play the same player twice. In both divisions, each player played 7 rounds of 6 games. In the women's division, the top 6 players advanced to Sunday and 8 out of the men's division advanced to Sunday. Everyone involved played an equal number of games, and played until  11pm Saturday evening, for a $25 entry fee! ($20 to prize fund - $5 green fee) A great time was had by all!

On Sunday the players in each event were split into 2 groups for another round robin to start. The top 2 scores in each group moved on to play a single race to determine 1st and 2nd. The second place finishers from each group played a single race to determine 3rd and 4th.

In the men's final, Pod Shognosh defeated Oliver Johnson 7-2, and the match for 3rd and 4th  place went to Josh Britton, who defeated Kevin Fenwick 7-0. Finishing out 5th through 8th, Ed Forget, Greg Flowers, Marco Hardy and Darryn Stephen.

In the women's final we had current Canadian Amateur 9-Ball Champion Hanna Kwon who defeated Penny Devos  5-2. In the playoff for 3rd and 4th, Loreen Toutant defeated new comer Maggie Grace 5-2 to take home 3rd place. Rounding out the final 6 in the women were new comers Billy-Jo Monague and Betty MacDonald.

On behalf of JACCS, thank you all so much for your participation and support. With your help we can grow this into something really special!

A special thank you to host Brian Bedford and the staff at Dakota's in Barrie for providing such a great venue for our first event. We would also like to thank all of our generous sponsors, (in alphabetical order) Canada Billiard & Bowling Inc., Diamond Billiard Products, Dominak Cues,  Espiritu Custom Cues, Iwan Simonis, Jacoby Custom Cues, Kamui Tips, KIWI Tax, Nick Varner Cues & Cases, OB Cues, PoolDawg, and TableSports Canada

Our next event is scheduled for October 23 and 24 at the new JJ Felts in Waterloo (formerly known as Dooly's) for detailed information please go to, email us at and please join our facebook page.

Prize Payouts for Dakota's
Men: 1st - $150, 2nd - $75, 3rd - $50, 4th – 25,  
        5th thru 8th - $20 Pooldawg Gift Certificate

Women: 1st - $125, 2nd - $70, 3rd - $45,
             4th – 6th  $20 Pooldawg Gift Certificate

Juniors – Kyle Godfrey – Free private lesson with Harold Green
                                         McDermott Cue
               Cody Godfrey – Phil Capelle Play Your Best 9-Ball
                                         McDermott Cue