The Fury 14.1 Challenge returns to the Super Billiards Expo Bigger and Better

The Fury 14.1 Challenge will be held at the Super Billiards Expo, March 10-13, in King of Prussia, PA this year, offering both amateur and professional players a chance to compete in the most prestigious discipline of pocket billiards at the biggest consumer expo in the billiards industry. Presented by Diamond Billiards, Bob Jewett, and CME-Images, this year's event promises more money and prizes than the inaugural event in 2010. Adding to the excitement this year is the potential $5000 bounty offered from Fury Cues to anyone who breaks Willie Mosconi's record straight pool run of 526 balls at this years event.

Starting on March 10th, players can enter the competition and try to qualify for the eight-person single elimination tournament to be held on Sunday, March 13th. For a $25 entry fee, each player gets five tries to pocket consecutive balls, and the qualifying score will be the cumulative total of these five tries. Players can enter as many times as they like and play is open to men and women of all ages and skill levels. This event will offer amateur players the unique opportunity to compete side by side with professional players, while also keeping two separate prize funds for each competition level.

"The reason why this event is happening is because we, as 14.1 players and fans, felt that there is simply not enough 14.1 being played and showcased at larger scale events. The World 14.1 Championships is only one step in a very large journey that 14.1 has to continue making, and we at the Fury 14.1 Challenge presented by Diamond Billiard Products, Bob Jewett, and CME-IMAGES feel that we are in a good place to help that journey along", says Charles Eames, Tournament Director and Event Coordinator.

14.1, also known as straight pool, was the game of choice for pocket billiards players in previous eras of pool. This is the game that was featured in "The Hustler", and was shown on The Wide World of Sports. Its popularity waned in the wake of the growth of amateur pool leagues that featured 8-ball, and the rise of billiards on ESPN which featured the faster paced game of 9-ball. 14.1 is still considered the most prestigious of the pocket billiards games, and high runs of consecutive balls are considered a true indication of a players skill. Willie Mosconi, considered the greatest pocket billiards player of all time, won and unprecedented and unduplicated 15 Straight Pool World Championships. His record run of 526 consecutive balls was set in Springfield, Ohio in 1954 and still stands to this day.

In addition to Fury Cues, Diamond Billiard Products, Bob Jewett and CME-Images, other sponsors of this event include Milliken Super Pro Cloth, Cue Nine Billiards Lounge, Jacoby Custom Cues, Peter Tonkin Custom Cues, Tony Zinzola Custom Cues, NYC Grind, London Bridge, and members of the 14.1 Forum.

For more information about the competition contact Charles Eames of CME Images at 516-581-3209 or,

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