“The Ginger Wizard” and “Dr. Cue” – “Entertainment” Passport to Malaysia

"The Ginger Wizard" and "Dr. Cue" - "Entertainment" Passport to Malaysia

Dave "The Ginger Wizard" Pearson and Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman made a return visit to Malaysia recently…in a continuing series of worldwide "entertainment tour stops". Jimmy Lim, owner/promoter of Expressions Entertainment and a charter member of the VNEA (Valley National Eight Ball Association), plus Mild Seven, an international corporate giant, arranged for the "tandem travels" of Dave and Tom to Malaysia in a 9-show tour of this Far Eastern culture. The resounding success of a similar tour in 2002 echoed the hospitality and enthusiasm shown by the players, fans, and media contacts present at each performance.

"The Ginger Wizard" holds numerous Guinness World Records for "speed pool" shooting skills, including the fastest time to pocket 15 balls - 26.5 seconds. In addition, Dave exhibits tremendous prowess in his "masse" skills and audience enhancing artistry. "Dr. Cue", on the other hand, has a "speed shooting" record of 26.5 days for a similar test, resulting in his unique style of contagious table trotter "humor", all the while "missing" and "making" shots right on cue. Tom is the "Doctor of Billiardology" and ESPN/World Masters Trick Shot Champion, and demonstrates the "art" of pocket billiards, via the magnetic cuesport discipline called "artistic pool".

During a successful flight from Las Vegas, via Los Angeles and Taipei, Taiwan, a breathtaking view of the great and beautiful snow-capped Mt. Fuji could be seen over the Far Eastern landscape. Arriving in Malaysia at the Kuala Lumpar International Airport right on time placed in motion 5 days of billiard "speed shooting" excitement and awesome skill shots, with hilarious overtones. The days were free to enjoy the sun and spectacular amenities this "tropical paradise" offers. The evenings expressed a time for "The Ginger Wizard" and "Dr. Cue" to demonstrate their passion for the game with the "dips and dives"/"twists and turns" of each cue and ball movement.

Five shows in Kuala Lumpar and four shows in Penang took place in such unique room/club venues as Club 7, Matrix, Baywatch Beach Club, Slippery Senoritas, Screwball, Grand Bay, Brewball, BarMED, and Breakers. Each presentation garnered an engaging audience response and "laughter - the essence of humor". The last night included a final and encore performance by "Dr. Cue"…with an array of his "best shots"…monikered as "Just Show'in Off", "Chattanooga Choo Choo", "Bridge Over Troubled Table", and "The Starburst", plus an assortment of his famous Wing Shots. In addition, Dave would attempt to set yet another world record for the fastest time to pocket 10 full racks…rotating back and forth in a 2-table format.

Dave's record breaking attempt turned into 8 separate attempts, as the vital "rhythm" needed for this amazing feat seemed to allude him. On 2 separate occasions, just when Dave entered his "dead stroke" for speed pool, the lights literally went out in the venue, keeping him at bay and short of his goal. Note: There is rumor that during this time Dave did the rack in 15 seconds. If only those timing clocks worked in the dark!! A final attempt…graced with a total mind, body, and spirit drive by Dave…received its just reward. Bingo…another record!! A thunderous roar of applause and appreciation for this moment of "victory" filled the arena.

The sponsors and media contacts, plus the players and fans of Malaysia once again put out the "red carpet" for this "entertainment passport" to their homeland. Their welcome, response, and appreciation was special in so many ways. Dave and Tom sincerely thank each person we met…and some we did not meet…for making us feel right at home. The return flight back to the US brought with it the memory of many life-enriching "victories" with our friends far away…that will never be forgotten.