The History of Snooker Slots

While it may not be as popular as football or other sports, snooker has definitely carved a niche of its own. It has millions of fans around the globe and has managed to capture the attention of casino players too. The most popular casinos in Japan and Asia feature several great slots based on the top tournaments or more broadly the game of snooker. Players can spin a variety of slots that feature cues, balls, and tables, but this time in a much different setting.

It’s not just casinos that feature these games. As a matter of fact, many pool and snooker apps have made their way to Android and iOS app stores. You can simply download them to your phones and tablets and channel your inner Ronnie O’Sullivan while searching for the best angles.

Snooker Revolution

Snooker became a very popular sport in the 1990s with the emergence of a young player named Ronnie O’Sullivan. Like Steve Davis before him and his rival Stephen Hendry, O’Sullivan impressed everyone with his skills from a young age. The legend of the Rocket would grow bigger in the 90s and 2000s, inspiring young players around the world.

His emergence came at the same time when sports video games were getting increasingly more popular. The emergence of online casinos began in the early 2000s, and with them so did online slots. Developers were constantly looking for inspiration in major sports teams and players, and snooker was one of them.

Today, players can enjoy a host of slots based on snooker events such as the Snooker Championship. Top Spin Snooker, for example, is a 5-reel slot game based on the top event in the world of snooker. It’s not just for gimmicks – if you’re lucky and line the right symbols up, you could be in for surprisingly great prizes.

Sporting Legends

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s amazing feats placed him in the same level with other sports legends such as Michael Jordan. He’s a widely recognized sports figure around the world, so it was only a matter of time before a slot developer based a game on him.

The Sporting Legends series of slot games debuted in 2018 with the Frenkie Dettori slot. The next slot to be based on a sports legend was Ronnie O’Sullivan: Sporting Legends which immortalizes the Rocket’s career. It’s an excellent slot machine developed by Playtech where you’ll need to use your smarts and snooker skills to line up the big rewards.

Of course, it features Ronnie’s likeness and a bunch of snooker symbols on the reels. This is the latest slot to be based on the world of snooker, but it’s surely not the last.

As snooker moves forward and rises in popularity, so will the demand for more slot machines based on it. There are plenty of apps you can download and play on your phones sponsored by the top events or snooker legends such as Ronnie. Slots are on a whole different level since you’re playing for real money. If you’re a slot and a snooker fan, it makes no sense at all for you to miss these exciting games.