The IBSF AGM Elected Four Positions for Next Term

The AGM of International Billiards & Snooker Federation took place last night at Sofia Princess Hotel here in Sofia, Bulgaria where elections been conducted for the positions of President, General Secretary and Treasurer. There was no opposition for the position of Vice President hence Capt. PVK Mohan (President, BSFI) has been elected unopposed for the second term.
For other positions, the contests were between following candidates:
For President: Mr. Pascal Guillaume / Mr. Jim Leacy
For General Secretary: Mr. Mohammed Kammah / Mr. Maxime Cassis
For Treasurer: Mr. Ray Habgood / Mr. Michael Alkhoury
First there was voting for the position of President where Jim Leacy of Ireland was elected as the new President of IBSF. He won the election by the margin of 2 votes.
For the position of General Secretary, Mohammed Kammah from Egypt managed to secure his position and was re-elected for another term by a margin of a single vote.
At last for the position of Treasurer, Michael Alkhoury of Syria won the election by a single vote.
Brief Profiles:
Jim Leacy replaced Mr. Pascal Guillaume of France who held the position since 2004. Jim is based in Ireland and has hosted World Billiards championship and two World Under-21 Snooker championships in Ireland in the last 4 years. He has many plans for the development of this game in different regions and will start working on that. Delighted with the win, Jim thanked all for extending their support and assured his 100% devotion for the betterment of the game.
Capt. PVK Mohan is currently President of Billiards and Snooker Federation of India and in the last 6 years India has hosted a World Championship almost every year in any of the discipline. He is also the Vice President of ACBS (Asian Confederation of Billiards Sports) and lots of activities related to Asian championships also took place in India. His efforts have turned India into a cuesports hub and India’s representation in the global platform increased at a great level.
Mohammed Kammah is President of African Billiards & Snooker Federation and also the President of Egyptian Federation of Billiards Sports. Apart from his role in the IBSF, he always remains active in promotion of this sport in his region.
Michael Alkhoury who elected for the post of Treasurer is the President of Syrian Billiards Sports & Bowling Federation. He was the man behind successful hosting of World Snooker championship in Damascus, Syria in the year 2010
The regional representation of four Board Members continues by Maxime Cassis of France, Hani Khouri of Jordan, Barrie Jones from Australia and Rahen Ghurburrun from Mauritius.