The Joy and Pain at the European Championship

Jasmin Ouschan

After the German player Andreas Roschkowsky had pocketed his final 8-ball with a loud scream, his opponent Nikos Ekonomopoulos almost slumped down with tears in his eyes. The Greek who had fought his way into the finals of the EC without making almost any mistake at all had thrown away three matchballs .
At the score of 7:7, Ekonomopoulos got to the table three times. One time he had ball in hand. He could not use his chances and missed this great opportunity by a hairbreadth.. The bronze medal was claimed by the newly crowned 14.1 European Champion Dimitri Jungo and Britain's Imran Majid.
In the women's division, Austria's Jasmin Ouschan dominated the field as expected. After her sensational loss in the final match of the 14.1 competition against her colleague Gerda Hofstatter, she really wanted to defend her title in 8-Ball. She wanted to fulfill the expectations that the people in her mother country put into her. She won well deserved 6:4 in a thrilling final match against Germany's Janine Schwan and got the longed for gold medal.
Ouschan, who got into a 4:1 lead in the beginning of the match because her opponent made unnecessary mistakes, seemed to lose track completely and she looked nervous and unsecure. So Janine Schwan could make the gap closer. When the score was 5:4 in favour of Ouschan, she got back to her normal playing and mental strength and she finished the match accompanied by an enormous applause of the audience. The bronze medal went to Czech's Veronika Hubrtova and Austria's Gerda Hofstätter who lost to Ouschan in the semis.
In the wheelchair division Jouni Tähti was triumphant. In defeated Enland's Tony Southern in the final clearly with a score of 5:1. The bronze medal was captured by defending champion Karl Read from England and Irish Fred Dinsmore.