The Kid is Delicious on the Box

Danny 'Kid Delicious' Basavich

The C2BarBox Tour held The C2BarBox Open this past weekend at Instant Replay in Long Island.

A small field showed up, but what the field lacked in size, was made up in strength. A few of the top players in the field were Frankie Hernandez, Jarrod Clowery, Joey "K" Korsiak, Jason Brown and Carmen Lombardo.

With an alternate break format, and a combination of both 8 ball and 9 ball, the event was a true shootout, with a majority of the races to 9 going hill-hill. The final was a true double elimination, and "Kid Delicious" Danny Basavich had to grind out the losers side by defeating Frankie Hernandez and avenge an earlier loss to Jarrod Clowery.

In the hot seat was Flaco Rodriguez, who was undefeated, and Delicious would have to beat Flaco twice to garner the first place prize of $1500. Basavich would win the first set 9-5 and now the stage was set for a race to 7. With the alternate break format, it would be a shootout.

At hill-hill, Basavich was forced to make an incredible jump shot on the one ball. The shot was perfect, but the cue ball ended up snookered behind the 7 ball. With the table wide open and only 5 balls left, a no hit would result in a loss of the rack, set and tournament. But once again, Basavich pulled off a magically delicious shot, which lead to a run out and the championship.

C2's next event will be the New York State Bar Table Championships. The event will be played at Instant Replay Bar and Billiards. Instant Replay is the home of 12 immaculate Valley tables and has a full menu and over 50 televisions. For more info call 516-578-3535 or email us at

Final Results
1st Danny Basavich
2nd Flaco Rodriguez
3rd Jarrod Clowery
4th Frankie Hernandez
5th/6th Tony Ruberto, Scott Casagrande