The Maine Event

Once again, Tim Miller, better known as The Monk, made pool history with an unprecedented training event in Lewiston, Maine. From December 6th to December 20th nine players/teachers/students, from across America and around the world, secluded themselves in a first-class poolroom for two weeks of rigorous training. The Monk organized and sponsored the program, which he dubbed The Maine Event and called on Denver's Tom Ross to manage the technical training and teach kicking systems and safety play.

At the program's core were four young, up-and-coming tournament winners, who came to hone their skills and deepen their understanding of the mental and spiritual aspects of champion-level play. The four students on their way to pool's spotlight are: Kathy Lebel, owner of the host-room Schmenegee's Billiards and an extremely dangerous player; Denver star, Samm Diep; Kuon Chung (K.C.) Ong and John Whelan, two sixteen-year-old boys with daunting competitive mettle, who came from Singapore and New Zealand to take part in the program and join Kathy and Samm on their journey to the professional ranks.

Assisting The Monk and Ross with instruction and coaching were Lititia Nenewale, also of New Zealand and David Lebel, co-owner of the host room and a very accomplished player/teacher.

The Monk filmed The Maine Event and will release a series of DVD's that chronicle the intense training, which began every morning at 7AM and continued till at least 5PM, but going longer on most days. The DVD's will provide the detailed steps of a complete training program for any students who want to know what it takes to reach the top. Miller also plans a series of scaled-down workshops called Mini Maine Events to tour the U.S. and perhaps the world.

The Maine Event itself will remain headquartered at Schmenegee's Billiards in Lewiston, where it will return each year. Schmenegee's provides unmatched facilities for great pool and, during class time, an extremely powerful learning environment. The Maine Event promises to grow as it takes pool instruction to the highest possible level.