The Masters 10-Ball tournament and the A.P.A regional event

We are proud to host two events a year! The 36th Annual U.S Open 9-Ball Championships will be October 16-22, 2011. We are proud to have joined an alliance with the world's largest amateur league, the A.P.A, Renee and her staff along with Mike and Michelle Arrigo, Southside Hampton Roads, VA.  Both events will be regional beginning on Thursday and will conclude on Sunday, what a week! More info on both will be coming soon.

The format for the Masters will be 10-Ball, race to 8, double elimination, with the final day format as follows; 1pm- race to 8, 3 pm (semi-finals) race to 8, and the final game will race to 10.  All final day matches; must win by 2 games, we will be capping the games off at 11 for all games except for the finals which will be capped off at 13 games. .  

Player entry fees will be $500 and $36,000.00 will be added with a full field of 128 players for a total prize fund of $100,000.00 (5 days only!) Check out the prize fund:

1ST Place - $20,000.00
2ndPlace - $13,000.00
3rd Place- $8,000.00
4th Place - $5,000.00
5-6th Place - $4,000.00 EA
7-8 Place - $3,000.00 EA
9-12 Place - $2,000.00 EA
13-16th Place - $1,500.00 EA
17-24 Place - $1,000.00 EA
25-32 Place - $850.00 EA
33-48 Place - $700.00 EA

We will begin accepting entries on January 1, 2011. Efren Reyes, will receive a paid entry fee for winning the event 10 years, ago and we hope that he will join us.  Also, this event will also be open to the ladies, as will all events that we do from this point forward.  If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact us, as we have 20-25 spots available with U.S.Open vendors have first priority for the first week of January.  V.I.P seats will be available for purchase on January 1, 2011 and details will be presented soon. Thank you all for the outpour of support, we appreciate all of your kind words and suggestions over the years and look forward to seeing you all twice a year.  

Promotional opportunities for the upcoming Master's 10-Ball tournament are now available. The positions that are left, but not limited to, are: title sponsor, arena sponsor, section sponsors, as well as 10 2'x3' panels located inside the arena.

VIP and Player entry tickets will start being sold on January 1st 2011. For the Master's seating, there will be no “horseshoe style seating” available, due to the space being needed for 12 pool tables. The VIP tickets will go fast, as there are only 4 long rows, 4 rows high, located on each side of the arena and 2 end-zones available for seating. Prices of VIP seats are as follows; 5 day pass for $150, 4 day pass for $135, 3 day pass for $120.  As usual the General admission seating prices will remain $10 for the day matches, $10 for the night time matches; a tradition that we have maintained for 20 years, however, a 5 day General Admission pass will only run $80.

For the Masters, 30 plus 7' Diamond tables will be used for the APA regional event that will be held Thursday thru Sunday in a separate 5,000 square foot facility located at the Chesapeake Conference Center, with overflow and 2nd chance events being held at Longshot Billiards and Q-Master Billiards. We would love to see 500 – 1000 players from the APA beginning in March. Mike and Michelle Arrigo, and I will be working hard towards making this goal happen

Our loyal vendors at the U.S Open will have one week, Jan 1-7th, 2011, to commit first before any others are available. It's the fair thing to do. Only 20-25 vendors will be accepted. Booth Prices will be $400 for the 8 foot booth and $700 for the 16 foot booth for the week. VIP seats for the Masters will be first come, first serve this year and then beginning in 2012 VIP seat holders for this year will also have a one week head start, just as we do for our loyal U.S Open VIP seat holders. Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in March.