The Omega Billiards Tour Features the Predator Player Points Tracker

The Omega Billiards Tour and Predator are excited to announce the “Predator Player Points Tracker” exclusively for the Omega Billiards Tour and its players.  Top ranked players in the Predator Player Points Tracker at the end of the year will win multiple Predator prize packages!   Therefore, the incentive to place well at all the stops for 2013 will be high.  

The 2013 Omega Billiards Tour season will have 6 stops and a Season Finale.  Already the Tour has received quite a lot of attention by the players, fans, and billiard companies.  Since the start of the Omega Billiards Tour, all of the stops (limited to 64 players) have been FULL 2-3 weeks in advance, with a long list of players on the alternate roster waiting to get in.  

The Predator Player Points Tracker will be updated after each stop, so the players can see where they rank and how they need to place in future stops to move up in the rankings.  

At the end of the year, the top three ranked players will get awesome Predator prizes!

“This is such a great opportunity for Predator to join the new Omega Billiards Tour and support the players and pool rooms,” Kyle Nolan of Predator stated.  This great concept was Kyle’s idea, and the players are already excited and talking about the Predator prizes.

Michael Hoang of Omega Billiard Supply agrees, “the whole reason for starting the Tour is to promote pool and to have an avenue for players to perfect their games.  Predators’ prizes will provide added incentives to the players, and we are very excited about this partnership.”  

Who will take home the Predator prizes at the end of the season??

Follow the Predator Player Points Tracker online all year at:

If you have any questions, please can contact Tournament Director Melinda Bailey at 817-691-0716.