The passing of a Long Island Legend

Keith Jones

Keith Jones, better known to everyone as "Casey", passed away this past week.

Casey was what the sport of pool and billiards is all about. In Long Island he was considered the best all around player. Casey played them all: 9 ball, 8 ball, one pocket, billiards and straight pool, and played every one of them great.

He competed at the highest level in pool, playing in numerous US Open Championships and World Championships. And on the bar box, he was one of the most feared players around. As well as being a great player, he was a great instructor, and would always go out of his way to help you. Whether you can run 200 balls or just a beginner, you would always take in what Casey had to say because of his knowledge of the game.

As for Casey the man, there wasn't a more kind and caring man than Casey. Not once would you ever hear someone say anything negative about him. He owned several pool rooms in Long Island and was the pioneer for the weekly handicapped 9 ball tournaments. In the late 80's, he built a one of a kind room in Deer Park. It was a room like no other around. A true players room with arena style seating. And on Monday nights it was the place to be. It drew players like Jose Parica, Cicero Murphy, Jack Calovita, Pete Tascarella and Johnny Ervalino. It was the hangout for some of todays top players, Frankie Hernandez, Ginky, Andy Segal and Jeanette Lee. And every Monday night you could count on Casey to produce a great tournament with a super calcutta. Casey never skipped a beat, even when he had to yell at the local pool room brat who was about 10 at the time. That brat was none other than Joey K. His current room, Mr. Cue in Lindenhurst, is what a real room is suppose to be. A room where you could walk into anytime of the day and get action, 9 ball, 8 ball and even Bar Pool.

Casey also was considered the best guy in the business when it came to tables and table repairs. His work was precise and immaculant. Casey was one of the real good guys, and the world of pool will miss him. He will always be in the hearts of his friends and family. Our prayers go out to his family.