The Prince Regains the Throne

Corey Deuel

The Prince of pool finally regains his place as tournament champion here on the Seminole Pro Tour. Not since the 2008 season has Corey seen the winner's circle. But Bankshot Billiards has proven to be a hospitable location for the former US Open champion, as he's played at the level that has won him so many tournaments in the past.

Coming out of a very heavy top half of the bracket, Corey survived several champions including, Mike Davis, T. Hohmann, and Johnny Archer just to have a chance to face Tony Crosby first thing today. Crosby started out the match very roughly and found himself facing a three game deficit. He would make a charge by running a solid three pack to tie the match at 4-4. However Corey would prove to be too much as his experience and skill was enough to take down the sniper and move one step closer to the title.

The second winner's-side match up saw Charlie Williams battle against road player Chris Bartram. Bartram really put the pressure on the Dragon the whole match combining a strong break with great cue ball control. The two components were enough to outlast Williams 8-6 and move on to the Hot Seat match against Deuel.

This match was the match of the tournament. Bartram and Deuel exchanged body blows back and forth pushing each other to the limit. The war between the two would see its ultimate limit as one game would decide who would move on to the finals. Chris seemed to have everything under control as he beat Deuel to the first shot. However, after running the balls down to the 8, Chris found himself dead frozen on the rail. Without the ability to draw the cue ball down for position, Bartram was forced to lay up and take an awkward angle cut on the 9 ball. Unfortunately for Chris, he would over cut the nine and set the stage for an amazing end to this match. Corey with nothing to do but come with a nine foot table length bank, did just that; and split the pocket, caromed the ten to hold for position and captured the match hill-hill.

The B-side of the bracket was equally as intense. Williams, who was defeated earlier in the tournament by Bartram would have a chance at revenge. First, he would have to conquer last month's champion Tony Crosby. This was a true grinder of a match that would end with Charlie sending “the Sniper” home with his second top four finish in as many months.

The Dragon would claim one more victim as he exacted his revenge on Bartram and eliminated Chris by the score of 8-6. Chris who hasn't visited the Seminole Tour very often claimed his first top three finish as well as $1,500 for his efforts.

The finals would see two former Mosconi Cup team members Charlie Williams and Corey Deuel play one race to nine for the title of champion. Deuel used his smooth and consistent stroke to take control of the match. His powerful shot-making would be more than enough to take down Charlie as Corey came with two impressive run-outs to close it out 9-6.

Thanks again to Jeff Scott, owner of Bankshot Billiards for being such a great patron and supporter of the tour. We'd also like to thank our sponsors the Seminole Tribe for facilitating such championship level pool. Our next stop will be at Goldsboro North Carolina at Fast Eddies Billiards July 17-19. Please come out and visit us at the next stop. For further coverage just visit or; until next time folks.