The Sniper Guns Down the Bull in Seminole Pro Tour Final

Tony Crosby, Capone's Owner Rocky McElroy, John DiToro, Tour Director Kevin Pickard

Tony WINS!

A long overdue statement, finally heard here on the Seminole Pro Tour in Capone's Billiards, Spring Hill Florida. Tony Crosby, consistently in the top 5 on the Seminole Pro Tour Rankings, finally breaks through with a resounding 9-5 victory over veteran John Ditoro. This is Tony's first win on the Seminole Tour, but certainly not his last.

The Sniper displayed some consistent and overwhelming playing ability. Combining a quiet intensity with a casual approach to the table, Tony really set the standard for this weekends play. Crosby himself said that he hadn't practiced properly in over 2 years. What with running a business, a 9 ball tour, having a family to look over and provide for as well as starting the framework for his book, Tony says he just doesn't have the time.

But for this tournament, he says he put two hours of solid practice a day this week, and I'm sure his opponents will rue the day that he decided to do so. With impressive wins over James Roberts 7-4, Stoney Stone 7-5, Richie Richeson 8-1, Mike Davis 8-6, and Ronnie Wiseman 8-6; Tony found himself as King of The Hill. He would have to await the victor of a difficult loser's side grind. That man would ultimately be John DiToro.

The first pairing on the loser's side at the beginning of the day was John DiToro vs. Hunter Lombardo. Hunter who hadn't been having much luck on the tour as of late attributes his new found success to a switch he made in his equipment.

“I recently changed to the Mezz playing shaft and it's given me a new lease to want to play more. It's my first tournament with the new shaft and I'm really happy with my results. I'd like to thank Mika Immonen and Caroline Pao for producing such a quality product.”  

His match with DiToro however would prove to be his last. John led the whole way and exhibited amazing situational control, using his knowledge and experience to capitalize on all mistakes including his own.

In the semifinal match against Ronnie Wiseman, John really let loose and put on quite a display. The race to 8 was played at a blistering pace lasting only 35 minutes. DiToro showed his worth indeed with an 8-1 whitewash over considerable favorite Ronnie Wiseman. “I'm embarrassed how many rolls I got!” says DiToro. He did benefit from several rolls towards the end but for the first 6 racks he played perfect pool, running out from everywhere on the table. Leading 6-0, DiToro, smelling blood in the water, rushed a 3 ball that jarred in the pocket. Wiseman would collect his first and last game at that point.

It would prove that it just wasn't Ronnie's day as he couldn't seem to get it together during any part of the match. With the heat that John was putting on him that is understandable. The match culminated with Wiseman making a tough 6 and scratching in the side pocket leaving an easy tap-out for DiToro. A classy and gracious player Wiseman conceded the game and collected 1,500 for 3rd place.

The finals would pit first time finalist Tony Crosby against second time finalist John DiToro. Tony really stayed in the moment the whole match, capitalizing on every inch of breathing room he could get. It would be Crosby who would arrive to the hill leading at 8-3. After a botched out however, it would be the Bull who would make a charge. Taking back 2 games and recapturing the momentum it would seem DiToro would rally for the win. However, after a missed 8 ball in the next frame, Crosby would run the last 3 balls and capture the title of Champion of Capone's Billiards.

Once again the Seminole Pro Tour showcases the best venues on the east coast. Rocky McElroy and his staff did a wonderful job this weekend supplying the players with first class service. We'd like to graciously thank him for his continued support of the tour. As well as our namesake the Seminole Tribe of Florida for supporting our tour and pool in the US, without them we couldn't provide you such quality entertainment.