The Top Names In The World Of Pool

Ko Ping Chung

Did you know that a British officer stationed in Jabalpur, India, had created the game of snooker in 1875? Pool, on the other hand, has been around in France since the mid-1300s. The game was originally more of an outdoor sport, and now it has become a far more chic version. Today we see eight–ball, nine-ball, and other varieties of the game played everywhere.

In the States, in the 19th century, the rich men who were punters took breaks by playing a round of pool. Today, however, you may bet on sports of your choice by going for Novibet Sports. The site has many options for you to bet in-play or even in pre-match options.

The sport has found equal admiration across the continents. Hence, we celebrate all events and enjoy the games with the best gamers in all versions of the pool.

Shane Van Boening

Van Boening is widely thought of as the top American player in the game today, and was named the player of the decade by Billiards Digest Magazine. No matter what the game is that is being played, Van Boening is a danger to win any event. Van Boening has five US Open 9-ball titles to his name and has competed twelve times as a member of Team USA at the Mosconi Cup competition.

Joshua Filler

Next on this list is Joshua Filler, a German left-handed player who holds the number one rank in the WPA. Filler came from out of nowhere in 2017 and has been winning major events ever since. At only twenty four years of age, he has already won a World Championship, a US Open 9-Ball Title and has been on the winning side of the Mosconi Cup.

David Alcaide

The Spanish professional pool player has been a pro from the age of 5 and then became a Spanish 8-ball champ at 14. This right-handed player has many european titles to his name and has won the World Pool Masters title twice in his career. He became the first Spaniard to play for Europe in the Mosconi Cup in 2006 and was still representing Europe on the winning squad in 2017.

Ko Ping-Chung

This Taiwanese professional player comes from a family of pool players with two brothers who also play the game at world class level. Ko made it to his first-ever major finals in the All Japan Open in 2010, at the age of fifteen. He won the Junior World 9-Ball Champion in 2013 and added the World 10-Ball Championship to his resume in 2019.

Jayson Shaw

Another top player to check out is Scottish player Jayson Shaw. Shaw relocated to the United States over ten years ago and has been winning major titles ever since. He has won the US Open 9-Ball Championship, the International 9-Ball Open and is a five time Turning Stone Classic winner. He has been on multiple winning Mosconi Cup teams, and is already on the team for the upcoming Mosconi Cup.

Maximilian Lechner

An Austrian pool player, Lechner became a Junior 9-ball WPA World champion in 2008 and burst on to the pro scene in 2019 when he finished in second place at the International 9-Ball Open. Lechner has finished near the top of a handful of European events and it feels like any event could be his breakthrough for his first major title.

Ouschan Albin

Another Austrian pool player, Ouschan was once thought of as the second best pool player in his family, after his many time champion sister Jasmin. Ouschan even questioned whether he wanted to have a career in pool, but finally decided to devote himself to pool and that appears to have been the right decision, considering his two World Championship titles along with wins the China Open, Mosconi Cup, and Dutch Open, among others. He held the number one World ranking in 2014. He won the China Open, Mosconi Cup, and Dutch Open, among others. Ouschan has also won the World Cup of Pool twice, alongside fellow Austrian Mario He.

Francisco Sanchez Ruiz

This Spanish professional pool player earned a Junior 9-Ball Championship in 2010 and a European 9-Ball Championship in 2016. While more of a household name in Europe, Sanchez-Ruiz always finishes near the top of major events, no matter what country they are held in. 

These are just some of the top pool players in the game today, and the pool world is watching them. They are working relentlessly at their game and will certainly be earning more headlines at upcoming events.