The Truth Prevails at The Olhausen Billiards – Richard Sweet Memorial event at Mr Cues

Johnny Archer, Susan Sweet, Mandy Sweet, Larry Nevel

The Olhausen Billiards – Richard Sweet Memorial Event was hosted by Mr. Cues II in Atlanta, GA.  The event kicked off on Thrusday night with a $500 Guaranteed 8-Ball event that was won by Josh Roberts.

Roberts made his way to the money by defeating Kenneth Wright; Alberto Rojas, Samuel Stewart, Larry Nevel, Ricky Terrell, Danny Smith and in the finals Roberts defeated John Mcloed.

Friday would draw in 110 entrants into the $500 Guaranteed 9-Ball Tournament.  BJ Ussery would prevail as he made his way thru the single elimination field defeating Willie Parks , Matt Ellsworth, Bo Bellew, Sean Davis, Jeff Hooks, Evan Lunde and Larry Nevels in the finals to claim the win.

The Olhausen Billiards- cue raffle Friday night was won by Glenda Fuller, and Saturday's cue raffle was won by Mario Guido.  

The Olhausen Billiards- Richard Sweet Memorial Event's Main event featured a $3000 Guaranteed 10-Ball Tournament with a double elimination format and a guaranteed $1000 to first place.

The 10-Ball event drew in 128 players and hosted the heavy hitters from around the area including Johnny Archer, Tommy Kennedy, Shawn Putnam, Larry Nevel and Stevie Moore just to name a few.

The finals would feature a show down between Johnny Archer and Larry Nevel with each player working their way to the finals from different ends of the brackets.  Nevel would prevail after losing set #1 to Archer and making a comeback in set # 2 to take home the first place prize monies.

Nevel began his trek to the final in the top of the bracket defeating Brain Bagwell 7-0; Steve Cox 7-1; Denny Singletary 7-0; Jeff Jordan 7-4; Stoney Stone  7-4; Clint McCullough 7-6; and in the match for the hot seat Nevel would send Tommy Kennedy to the one loss side 7-1.  Once in the finals Larry Nevel sponsored by Lomax Cues would face off against Johnny Archer.   Archer had made his way through the bottom of the chart defeating Pauline Lea 7-1; Jeff Hooks 7-4; Steve Lomax 7-0; Josh Roberts 7-4; Stevie Moore 7-4; Archer would be sent to the one loss side of the bracket by Tommy Kennedy where he would defeat Shawn Putnam 7-5 before returning to the semi finals to face Tommy Kennedy.  Archer would win the semi finals in a Hill/Hill match after Kennedy scratched giving Archer the run of the table to take himself back to the finals where Nevel was waiting for him.  In the finals Archer won set #1 7-6, Nevel would come back with a fury to take the win 7-3 in set #2.

The Olhausen Billiards- Richard Sweet Memorial Event also hosted a $1000 Guaranteed APA player's only 8-Ball Tournament that kicked off on Sunday and drew in 43 players.  Local favorite Dana Aft took home first place after she made her way across the bottom of the bracket undefeated.  Aft sent the following to the one loss side of the chart: Lee Caldwell, Mike Bidwell, Al Hopper, Jason Torreson, Denny Singletary, Monty Porterfield before facing Denny  Singletary who is sponsored by Moon Custom Cues in the finals.  Aft defeated Singletary in set #1 of the double elimination format to claim first place.

The Olhausen Billiards- staff would like to thank all of the players that make this event such a pleasure to promote and direct.  Mr. Richard Sweet was a true lover of the sport of billiards and it is a wonderful feeling to see how many players pay tribute to him.

Thank you to all the players that attended this years event.  We hope you as good of a time as we did at Mr Cues II.  We hope to see everyone again + some new faces at next years event on June 28th - July 1st, 2012

The next Tour event will be at Cues Billiards located at 3354 Canton Rd, Marietta, Ga on August 6-7, 2011.  We hope to see you all there.

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