The Women’s BCA Qualifier Winner IS… Anna Kostanian

Anna Kostanian

Anna played in the BCA qualifier in New Mexico, but didn't win an entry to the 'big one'. Her dad gets TOO nervous watching her and thus makes her nervous, so her uncle accompanied her to Tampa a few days early. Under her uncle's watchful eyes, Anna spent hours every day practicing alone at Planet 9-Ball.

Anna is 15 years old and while only about 5' tall (she may still be growing) she appears as a fully developed woman in stature, mentally and in personality. I found it hard to believe that she was only 15 as she seemed much older (20s).

She shot with a skill and determination seldom seen in a person that young, particularly the women. She took ALL the right shots and made ALL the right moves and her safety play was the quality of a much more experienced player. She came to play and when I started the first matches she was prepared. She eventually lost a match to Alicia Hamilton that went hill-hill and down to the last ball.

While Jennifer Prost breezed undeafeated through the winners bracket, Anna did not let her trip through the losers brackets deter her. She outshot the older and more experienced players that she faced and when she had to play Alicia a second time, she was ready. Alicia had played Jennifer for the winner's bracket hot seat and lost and she waited in guaranteed third place for whomever showed up. Anna (who had won over the hearts of the spectators) was a force to be reckoned with as she faced Alicia Hamilton (who had a huge entourage of her own fans snapping their fingers at every successful shot she made) a second time. They both played well and the pressure of this match was evident on their faces and in their play, but young Anna prevailed.

Planet 9-Ball had the tournament area taped off and Free ringside tables & chairs for all. The players all had scoreboards with their names prominently displayed and the Robertson tables had new rails and Simonis cloth. Room owner Ken Miller had spared no expense and in addition to the $1,000 added had hired the services of BCA certified referee Bill Powell to call the 'hits' , leaving me free to keep the tournament running smoothly and timely.

While the earlier matches were unrefereed and played with cueball fouls only, the single race to nine finals was refereed by Bill. He racked for players, kept and announced the score and carefully watched for and called all fouls. Jennifer Prost and Anna Kostanian lagged for break and the match was underway. They matched each other shot for shot, move for move and safety for safety to a score of 6-6. A huge crowd had accumulated and these ladies were center stage. All the practice paid off and Anna won the final three games in short order, including snapping in the nine on the break. It was a joy to watch her play and all the entrants displayed good sportsmanship and appeared to have fun. It is for events like this that I am happy to devote the time as TD. Everyone here wishes Anna well in Las Vegas in her meeting with the Pros. With the skill and determination she displayed here, she may well be a force to be reckoned with in the near future. Look out Allison, Karen, Jeanette and all the other formidable ladies, you've been warned.

1st Anna Kostanian ($500 entry to the BCA Women's Event & $500 in Expenses)
2nd Jennifer Prost $750
3rd Alicia Hamilton $425
4th Helene Caukin $275
5th Sherry King $100
6th Stephanie Mitchell $100