Therese Klompenhouwer wins her 5th title in a row

Karina Jetten, Therese Klompenhouwer, Gülsen Degener, Steffi Träm

In the Women’s division Therese Klompenhouwer won the all Dutch final against Karina Jetten. She celebrated a 30:12-victory after 31 innings as well as her fifth European title in a row.

The Birilli Juniors-Event proved the dominance of the Italian squad. At the end Biagio Maceri won the title as he did two years before. His fellow countryman Paolo Sorrentino had to be satisfied with the silver medal while Gabriele Silvestri (also Italy) and Sebastien Skott from Denmark lost the semifinals and received bronze.

Meanwhile Sam van Etten was unbeatable in the youth division, discipline Libre. The Dutchman won the title by a 200:2 in the first inning against his team-colleague Jim van den Zalm. The semifinal which was played earlier today was much closer. Tobias Bouerdick from Germany was ahead in the beginning but van Etten came back into the match to win 200:153. The second bronze medal went to Jason Petit from France.

New European Club-Team Champion in the youth division is the team of BC Ponetovice from Czech Republic. The three players won the title by a clear 5:1 against BV Horna from the Netherlands. The match for the bronze medal was pretty close and in the end KBC Zanzibar from Belgium were a little more fortunate then their opponents from BC Soissons (France).

Furthermore the Libre-Events started in the Women’s and Juniors-Division. Also the Birilli-players began their tournament. On Sunday the first group matches were played. The finals will be on Monday and Tuesday.

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