Thorsten Hohmann and the Qpod

"You chalk too much!" – you´ll never hear that when playing pool. Forgetting to carefully apply that usually blue powder could be extremely costly. Eventually chalk becomes an important piece of equipment. But to me it has become even more than chalking a couple years ago.  


Of course we all love our cues. Some like a more simple look, some like them fancy. Four points, six points, extravagant inlays, exotic woods, customization. Playing a new cue gives us a feeling of satisfaction. It´s like driving a brand new car.   


Besides your cue which product do you use just as often when you play Pool? It´s your chalk!  


Why not have a chalk that looks just as beautiful as your cue? That´s what the creators of Qpod where asking when they developed their precious chalk holders.   


When I received my customized "Hitman Qpod" it felt like driving a new luxury car. But more importantly it has become my lucky charm, my reminder of how many world titles I hold in my hands, my focus when things get rough.   


If you pay close attention you will notice that I constantly play with my Qpod while sitting in my chair. I developed a connection when I turn it in my fingers, it will calm me down. 


When I look at my champion Qpod and see the three stars representing my three world championship titles it suddenly reaffirms my confidence.


I would never had those feelings when using just the chalk by itself. The Qpod has turned the chalking process into something magical for me. It is amazing. First thing I´m doing when approaching a shot is chalking my cue with my champion Qpod. This gives me mental strength and confidence and adds a whole lot of style to my game!