Thorsten Hohmann Releases Cue Lab Mobile Diagraming Tool

Thorsten Hohmann
While pool players have a couple different choices when it comes to diagramming a situation on a pool table for later reference, not many of those solutions include input from a World Champion. The IOS app Cue Lab is the culmination of a partnership between Bright Mediums and World 9-Ball and World 14.1 Champion Thorsten Hohmann
When asked about the motivation behind a project like this, Hohmann replied “I’ve always been interested in billiard education. I’m a certified instructor in Germany and I’ve worked with groups since I was 15 years old. I always wanted to create a “Cue Table diagramming app” for mobile devices,  partly because I want to use it myself and because I it thought would be a great tool for the community to exchange shots and drills. It’s perfect for coaches and their students or especially right now when not everybody has a pool table at home. It let’s us participate in pool communication.”
While the app is currently only available for IOS, Hohmann said that they would love to also release a version for Android. “The team at Bright Mediums has done a fantastic job putting all my ideas and features into reality. It’s still free on the App Store. We need users and feedback, so we can eventually create an Android version. It’s all self financed and we have so many ideas how to improve it.” He said.
Anyone looking for more information on the app can find it online at on Instagram and Facebook.