Three in a row for David G on Fast Eddie’s Tour

David Gutierrez, Jui Lung Chen and Roland Martinez

Fast Eddies Olhausen 9 Ball Tour sponsored by Schuler Cues held it's second event of the year February 3-4 in San Antonio TX. at the Fast Eddies Nw Military location.

A total of 77 registered to participate in the $1750 added event.

Top picks were Gabe Owen, David G, Charlie Bryant, Jui Lung Chen and James Davis Sr.

Finishing 13-16 were Destry Ensley, Ali Affas , and Ernesto Bayua. Each received $140 for his efforts.

The 9-12 spots were filled by Jon Rawlins, Danny Almaraz, Bill Fuller, and Hassan Hosein. Each played well and collected $180 hard earned cash.

The 7-8th positions ere awarded to Sylver Ochoa and Albert Luna. Both played very well and received $430 for a job well done.

Charlie {Hillbilly} Bryant and Bob Pyles ended with 5-6th and took home $595 for their weekends work.

James Davis Sr. is one of the best in Texas and proves it every time he puts his cue together. Bastrop ended his weekend in 4th place and took home $970.

Gabe Owen has played many Fast Eddies events and it is always great to see him back in the Texas region. The US Open Champ is a favorite down here and finished his weekend with a fine 3rd place finish and took home $1385 for his efforts.

Jui Lung Chen won the hot seat by defeating Gabe 9-8 and then had to wait for David G to handle Jon Rawlins, Sylver Ochoa, and The Hillbilly to get a shot at Chen in the finals and his 3rd consecutive win on Fast Eddies Tour.

David won the first set 9-7 and then trailed in the second set by 8-5 when he put the heat on.

With the score 8-8 Chen hit a beautiful safety and froze David on the six ball. It looked as if he were dead in the water. David studied and studied and finally shot the cue ball into the corner pocket, doubling out and not only hitting the three ball, but making it in the side. He then looked very routine on a pretty tricky runout. It was miraculous to say the least.

David is the first to win three consecutive events on this tour and they have not been easy. He is playing awesome right now.

Congratulations to David, but Chen played real well himself missing one ball during the double set finals. What a finish this was!

There was also a ring game on Friday night with seven players positions $200 each. Danny Almaraz won this event at 2:15 am with Charlie Bryant getting second place. It was fun and we intend to continue the ring game at each event.

Thanks again to Olhausen billiards and Schuler Cues for the continued support and generosity. They are amazing people.

Also in attendance were Ron Geyer of the Custom Cue Connection, Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues, Rob Timms of Behind the 8 Ball Sales & Service ,John Sanchez of Hustlin Clothing and Duffy and Mitch of the Duffy Rack.

As always Linda and her staff were just fantastic hosts and we appreciate their efforts.

We will be in Lubbock Tx. March 10-11 and always have fun there. Hope to see you all. Again, congratulations to David G on a great win!!!!