Three Types Of Goals For Your Pool Game

Did you know that your goals for pool should be written or typed? Studies have shown that putting your goals on paper will make you chances of achieving them roughly 20% greater than if you only thought about them.

The following three organization goals are sure to help you get your play off to a great start this year. Whether you are preparing for your next tournament, or you just feel the need for a fresh start, use the strategies below to get yourself prepared for your next big match. Setting good goals is absolutely a critical part of playing your best pool.

1. Outcome Goals

Outcome goals require you to think about what you would like to accomplish in the next 12 months. Use these goals to give yourself purpose and direction. Nothing is “etched in stone” and you can adjust them any time you see fit. In fact, I encourage my students to review their goals every month, or so, just to see if they are still appropriate. I encourage setting 1 month, 3, month, 6 month and 12-month goals.  If you are exceeding your goals along the way, just adjust them up. If you cannot meet them, no worries, just adjust them down a bit. Failure to reach your most-lofty goals shouldn’t deter you from future improvement. The idea is to keep challenging yourself, but you must also be realistic as to what your expectations should be. Remember that your goals give you “direction” for your upcoming practice routines and you can use them to put a little pressure on yourself during practice. Literally this is one way you can mirror the pressures of tournament play without being in a tournament.

Outcome Goal Examples:

  • Your increased success percentage on various drills that are part of your practice routine
  • Finishes you aspire to have, or the number of times you would like to place in local or regional tournaments
  • Raising your league handicap to a specific level
  • Achieving a higher “Fargo Rating”
  • Any pool league stats you would like to improve upon

2. Physical Performance Goals 

Physical Performance Goals require that you honestly assess your current skills, technique, and equipment to see how they match up with your outcome goals.  Make a list of the aspects of your physical game that need to be strengthened to reach your outcome goals.

Physical Performance Goal Examples:

  • Pocket more balls on the break
  • Miss less shots
  • Improve your decision making at the table
  • Improvement of your ability to execute specialty shots
  • If needed, include:
  • Goals for upgrading or changing your pool-playing equipment
  • Take lessons from a certified instructor to enhance specific skills
  • Incorporate specific types of drills into your practice routine.

3. Mental Performance Goals

Mental Performance Goals require an insightful look at why you have not been playing to your potential or getting the most out of your game.  Make a list of the mental skills you need to strengthen to reach your outcome goals.

Some specific examples might include:

  • Improving your focus when you are down on the shot
  • Learn how to better handle high-pressure situations during match play
  • Enhance your ability to better manage your emotions
  • Follow your complete mental game pre-shot process
  • Stay committed to your pre-shot routine
  • Improve self-talk

If you are not sure where you need to start, you can enroll at Virtual Billiard Academy, and I will help you develop specific goals related to your individual playing needs. My online academy has various lessons addressing all topics that affect your play.  Students enrolled can set all three types of goals and share them to get personalized feedback.  While simply creating a list of goals can be helpful, remember that your list should be realistic and unique to you. Everyone measures success differently, and a successful year of pool might be different for you when compared to someone else.  Just get out your pen and paper or login to a computer and you’ll be on your way to a better game in no time!