Time For the World 9-Ball Excitement to Begin!

The World 9-Ball Championship returns on June 29th and runs through July 5th with the greatest cue artists from around the world all converging on Doha, Qatar to stake their claim to the title of World Champion. Kazuo Fujima, Tournament Director of the event for the Qatar Snooker and Billiard Federation, has gone to great lengths to make this event a complete success.

The venue this year will be the headquarters building of the QBSF and the QBSF is being very generous by also acting as the main sponsor of the championship. Tables are being installed  to handle the flow of the event and the players will find the best of playing conditions there.

Qatar television (Alkas) will be covering the final days of the event and broadcasting the matches to stations around the world so that fans who cannot get to the venue can still watch their favorite cueists in action. The World 9-Ball Championship is presented by the QBSF with assistance from Simonis Billiard Cloth and Saluc, the makers of the Aramith Pro Cup balls.

More information on the event may be found at www.QBSF.info.