Tokoph stops challenge by Haddad to claim Midwest 9-Ball Tour stop

Tommy Tokoph stopped a strong, one-loss side challenge by Mark Haddad to complete an undefeated, September 25-26 weekend on the Midwest 9-Ball Tour. The $2,600-added event drew 52 entrants to Billiards Ink in Englewood, CO.

From among the winners' side final four, Tokoph sent Ron Lincoln to the one-loss side 9-5, as Chuey Rivera was doing likewise to Tony Piazza, by the same score. Tokoph gained the hot seat with a 9-2 win over Rivera, and watched as Haddad clawed his way back to the finals.

Haddad, in the meantime, was in the midst of a seven-match winning streak that had begun when Ed Borrego sent him west in the event's third round (Haddad had received a bye in the opening round). Haddad moved into the 9-12 money round, where he defeated Mike Hellmer 9-6, and then Neal Morrison 9-5 to pick up Lincoln. Piazza was met by Gomez, who'd survived two straight double hill matches against Ruben Silva and Sam Cordoba. Haddad dominated 9-1 against Lincoln, moving into the quarterfinals against Piazza, who'd defeated Gomez in a double hill battle.

Piazza came within a game of forcing a second straight, and third overall double hill match for himself, but Haddad prevailed 9-7 and moved into the semifinals against Rivera. In what would prove to be his final win, Haddad persevered in another double hill match, and with Rivera in the rearview mirror, he turned to face Tokoph. Tokoph made a second set in the true double elimination final format unnecessary, defeating Haddad 9-4 to complete his undefeated weekend.