Tollefson Wins First Event on Fast Eddie’s Olhausen 9 Ball Tour Sponsored By Schuler Legacy Cues

Scott Tollefson, Charlie Bryant, Ryan (GM) and Lisa

Fast Eddie's Olhausen 9-BallTour sponsored by Schuler Legacy Cues continued in April with its monthly event at Fast Eddie's Champion's location in Houston. The field yielded 88 players for the events held Saturday and Sunday.

As usual, the field was not short of talent. Top picks for the April event were Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant, Jui Lung Chen, Jeremy Jones, Sylver Ochoa, Robert Stewart, and Denis Strickland, just to name a few.

Finishing in the 13-16 positions were Jeremy Jones, Bobby Pacheco, Chris White and Joel Acevedo. Each received $120.00 for his efforts.

The 9-12 slots were filled by Chris Hodge, Jui Lung Chen, David Parker, and Ernesto Bayaua. This finish paid $150.00.

James Davis Sr. and Manual Ayala finished 7-8th and collected $420.00 and played quite well doing so.

Rocky Skuca and Mark Church opened some eyes finishing 5-6th and taking home $590.00. Both played well.

Robert Stewart is always tough and hard to bring down. This weekend was no different as Robert fought his way to a fine fourth place finish and took home $960.

Marc Garza is a quiet fellow, but, quite a combatant as he scratched and clawed to finish in the third place position and collecting $1400 in doing so. Marc is a very solid player.

Charlie Bryant is known all over the world for his sledgehammer break and all the problems it can bring an opponent. His break was on target until the final winner side match. In fact, it became his enemy as it seemed as if he were breaking for his opponent. Scott Tollefson seized every opportunity and sent Charlie to the one loss side, winning the hot seat.

Charlie rebounded and returned looking for his revenge from Scott in the finals, but again, his break failed him and Scott responded by playing some "lights out" 9 ball. The man never seemed to miss in crucial situations and really kept the heat on. Yes, he got some "rolls", but he also put them down when he needed and played superbly.

The first set was touch and go with Scott pulling out the hill-hill victory, 9-8, and forcing a second race to nine as the second set went to 9-7, with Scott, again, emerging victorious in a brutal four and one half hour final match.

Congratulations to both these gentlemen as they played very hard. It was a shame that there had to be a first and a second. It was that tough. Scott collected $2990 for his victory and the “Hillbilly” took home $1990.00 for his very respectable second place finish. GREAT MATCH!!!

Thanks to Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues, Will Roach of Custom Cue Repair, and Darrold Stiehl of Champions Cues for their attendance and support. This Tour would not be a tour if it were not for the support and generosity shown by Olhausen Billiards and Schuler Legacy Cues. Both these busy companies are just great and we appreciate each so very much.

Last, but hardly least, thanks to Fast Eddies World Class Billiards. They are simply the greatest. May 5-6th in San Antonio at the Culebra location will be the next event. For further information, please call Lewis at (210) 367-4761. Hope to see you all there!