Tom Acciavatti wins Dominiak Cues Tour Stop 4

Gene Hunt, Tom Acciavatti and Rogers Hill

The Dominiak Cues Northeast Amateur 10-Ball Tour stop #4 was held on Sunday March 1st at the popular Casey's Billiards in Pittsfield, Ma. Despite yet another snow storm warning issued here in the northeast once again on tournament day. A field of 21 players from throughout the northeast ignored the blizzard warnings again and made the trek from Connecticut, Vermont, New York and Massachusetts in attempt to capture the title to the 4th $500 added cash & prizes Dominiak Cues Northeast 10 Ball Tour stop.

Many tour regulars were in attendence including Jonah Okun, Chuck Hill, Brandon Charin, Ben Gauthier, Shawn Moulton, Tom Acciavatti, Gene Hunt, George Acker, Rogers Hill, Rodney Polak, Steve Hathaway and Dana Kroll. Also in attendence were several local area top players including Mark Swirsky, Art Houghtaling, Rob Francoeur and Doug Wabnig.  

The double elimination format would see Gene Hunt make his way through top half of the winners side brackets with a bye in the opening round then wins over Chuck Hill and Doug Wabnig. Next up for Gene was New York's red hot Tom Acciavatti to determine who gets to play in the hot seat match, this match would go back and forth until Tom sealed it at hill/hill sending Gene to the 1 loss side and advancing to the winners side final match. On the bottom half of the winners side chart it was Rogers Hill showing his shotmaking skills and in some very close matches defeating tour regulars Art Houghtaling, Rob Francoer and Shawn Moulton for the right to play in the hot seat match with Tom Acciavatti. This match proved to be a tough battle but in the end Rogers Hill pulled it out for the right to play in the 1 set race to 5 finals.

Meanwhile on the 1 loss side waiting for Gene Hunt was Pittsfield's Mark Swirsky, who had lost an early round match,  but making his way steadily through the B side of the chart and battling to win some hill/hill matches.  In a closely contested match Gene won this one when Mark hung the 10 ball at hill/hill. Next up for Gene was New York's Shawn Moulton and Gene pulled that one out as well leaving him only Tom Acciavatti in his way to get to the finals with Rogers Hill. Tom Acciavatti used all his experience in this match to advance to the finals for the second tour stop in a row, and Gene Hunt finishing out with a respectable strong 3rd place finish.

The stage was set around 7pm for the finals of the Dominiak Cues Tour Stop #4 between Rogers Hill and Tom Acciavatti in the 1 race to 5 finals format. Tom jumped out to an early lead after a couple of unforced errors by Rogers Hill, it was apparent that sitting for a while Rogers had cooled off just a bit. This one was all Tom Acciavatti as he kept up the great shotmaking and brilliant safety play to take home his second tour stop title in a row!. Tom will now have to give up 1 game on the wire in every match throughout the rest of the 2009 tour season. Great shooting to both players throughout!

Notably, Tom Acciavatti pulled out his new Dominiak Cue he won in tour stop #3, chalked it up and played this tour stop to the winners circle with it! Afterward he stated "I love that Dominiak Cue"!

Our next tour stop will be held at Pool Table Magic in Windsor Locks , CT on Saturday March 28th, doors open for practice at 11am.  All amateurs are encouraged to come out and play on the tour. All league players are eligible as well as all non-pro players. Women and Juniors (under 18) recieve free entry and only pay $10 table time.

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Hope to see you at the next tour stop!