Top snooker players make a go for the Norwegian 9-ball title

Famous snooker players as Tony Drago and Ronnie O-Sullivan have registered for the first Norwegian 9-ball Challenge.

Tony "The Tornado" Drago is already wellknown in the world of 9-ball after winning the World Pool Master in 2003. Ronnie "The Rocket" O?Sullivan has won the World Snooker Championship both in 2001 and 2004, and is also a member of the prestigious International Pool Tour.

Tony Drago, who once won a snookerframe in less than 2 minutes, is known as one of the fastest and most entertaining poolplayers, and is always attracting a lot of spectators for his matches. So is Ronnie O?Sullivan, who has the world record in the fastest 147-break in the history of snooker.

The Norwegian 9-ball Challenge will be organized in Oslo at ElbowRoom, from the 12th to the 15th of July, with 15,000 EURO in first price if a full field of 256 players. The playing mode will be either 16 or 32 groups, race to 5, alternate break. In the KO stages (last 64) it will be race to 9, alternate break.

Players as Oliver Ortmann, Jasmin Ouschan, Niels Feijen, Raj Hundal, Imran Majid and many more have already registered.