Torbjorn Blomdahl wins the 2004 Carom Café International Tournament

Torbjorn Blomdahl

The fourth Annual Carom Cafe International 3-Cushion Billiard event was held on August 10th-15th in Carom Café, in Flushing N.Y The worlds best players like Semith Sayginer from Turkey, Mazin Shonni (U.S.A), Pedro Piederabuena (U.S.A), Dion Nelin (Denmark), Ramon Rodriguez (Peru), Roberto Rojas (Mexico) just to name a few to play in this prestigious tournament. The prize fund was $37,500 paying out to 22 places.

Blomdahl won $6000.00 and his grand average was 1.743 and his Best game was 3.333. His wins and losses were 14/1 and high run was 16. But that wasn't the high run of the game. $5000 went to Ramon Rodriguez whom came in 2nd place. He had the high run of 17 and his grand average was 1,452 and his best game was 2,353.