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[Taken from the official C.P.P.T. website]
The California Pool Players Tour’s primary mission is the promotion of billiards, striving not only to keep the game alive, but to enable its growth and prosperity. The CPPT fills the need for an organized, well paying, professionally run, non-handicapped billiards tour in California. We have reasonable entry fees and pay down a large portion of the field while keeping first place attractive enough to draw the crowd-pleasing players.
There are hundreds of amateur players who do not believe they are good enough to play against the Pro/A players on a regular open tour. Our format enables players to compete against their similarly-skilled peers on the first day, and those who finish in the top 25% of the bracket return to test themselves and improve their game against the better players. This unique format affords players of all skill levels the opportunity to learn and improve.
In the past, tours were sustained mainly by sponsorship from the hosting pool rooms. The CPPT is pursuing smaller sponsors as well as title and corporate sponsors, but the real strength of any pool tour lies in the number of active members. Players in California need to demonstrate a willingness to invest in themselves, because the larger our membership base is, the more attractive the Tour will be to potential sponsors.
The CPPT encourages younger players to join by offering discounted entry fees for ages 18 and under. It is vital that we promote the game among today’s youth, because they are the ones who will ensure the perpetuation of billiards into the future.