Ladies Billiard Association of Florida Tour

1996 - 2001

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The Ladies Billiard Association of Florida (LBAF), was a non-profit sports organization formed to provide a competitive pool environment for aspiring lady amateur players. The LBAF was established in 1996, and with an overwhelming interest of many Florida lady pool players in its first year, it quickly became the most successful billiard organization in the southeastern United States. In 1998, the LBAF membership grew to an exciting number of 84 serious players, and 1999 boasted more than 100 members! They anticipated their memberships to increase that year, as they expanded across the state of Florida. Tournaments were scheduled throughout the year, reaching to cities all across Florida. Some of these tournaments were designated as "qualifying tournaments", to provide players with an opportunity to compete in WPBA Class Tour Events. Cash and pool accessories were awarded to top finishers at each tournament. Nearly $29,000 was paid to top tournament finishers in the 1999 season alone. The LBAF was sanctioned by the Women's Professional Billiards Association until it stopped in 2001.